When it comes to entertaining fighters, nobody was better than Pornsanae. Feared for his devastating power and hard hitting low kicks, Pornsanae was a fighter that lived and died by the sword. If you look up any highlight reel of Pornsanae, you will see how devastating he was in his prime.

Pornsanae was particularly known for his devastating low kicks. The vicious force and power he threw behind each kick, would put fear in the eyes of his opponents. Anyone who fought Pornsanae, knew that they needed to have a strong defense or they wouldn’t make the final bell.

On my last trip to Evolve MMA, I was able to get in a private session with Pornsanae. During our private Pornsanae demonstrated a number of different low kick combinations that he used in his fight career. These combinations are all basic, yet highly effective. Thai fighters don’t waste their time with flashy combinations that look good, they only use things that actually work in the ring.

Here is the video of the basic low kick combination with Pornsanae:


Setting Up Your Low Kicks

If you want to land your low kicks it is important that you have good timing. If you have good timing you don’t need to throw a combination before the kick, you just need to wait for your opponent to be distracted. Usually you can strike them after they have finished attacking and their guard is down or you can strike them when they step forward on their lead leg.

The second way you can land low kicks is by using combinations to land your low kicks. Combinations work by distracting your opponent with punches in order for them to forget about blocking the low kicks. The most effective combinations are often the most basic ones. With enough practice, you don’t have to think about a combination, your brain will automatically fire it off when the time is right.

Another thing I should point out is there are different variations of the low kick. While the techniques can change from person to person, what is important is that you land the kick. You can have the ugliest technique in the world, but if you are effective at landing your low kick that is going to help you win a fight.

Pornsanae is a hard low kicker, which means that he puts his weight behind every kick. This fit his fighting style as he was a gun slinger that went forward pushing for a knockout.

Special thanks to Pornsanae for demonstrating this low kick combination. If you want to train with Pornsanae you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation.

If you enjoyed this basic combination I’ll be releasing more video tips from the legend Pornsanae in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.