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The Importance of Anaerobic Capacity (and how training aerobically dramatically improves it )

The past few years has seen the explosion in training for alactic conditioning — short duration explosive power. Ask most trainers who follow fad training trends and you’ll be told to do HIIT workouts or do get out there and bust your ass with sprints. And these DO increase your cardio, specifically your short duration explosive cardio — specifically your anaerobic pathways. There are three energy systems (metabolic pathways) your body uses to produce ATP (energy) that powers your body: Alactic Anaerobic system (short duration energy – 10 seconds) Lactic Anaerobic Systems (medium short duration energy – 60-90 seconds)...

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6 Reasons Why Paleo is Awesome for Your Body

Paleo is all the rage in the fitness and nutritional world these days. In fact, it was the most Google’d diet of 2013. So what’s all this craze about? Well when you actually break down what Paleo is about, there’s a lot to love (and yes, there’s a few things to hate too, but we’ll save that for another article). If you are looking for a diet lifestyle to transform your body, Paleo is definitely one of the better diets out there — if you can actually stick with it that is. What Is Paleo? ‘Paleo’ stands for ‘Paleolithic Diet’,...

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Will Strength Training Help Your Muay Thai?

This is a question that’s often asked and I think is worth a solid answer to. There is a LOT of debate out there with many people saying Strength Training is unnecessary while others swear by it. I feel that strength training can offer quite a few benefits — indirectly. Let’s look at why this is the case in detail. Rather than just TELL you that strength training is a positive thing, I’ve tried to give some solid scientific reasons behind the WHY of it. This is sort of a prequel article to my How to Strength Train for...

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The Caffeine Supplement Guide: Lose Weight and Lift More?

What is Caffeine A stimulant/drug that boosts metabolism. In moderate doses Caffeine can enhance mental focus, energy, and coordination by increasing CNS (central nervous system) activity. The Caffeine Claim: Caffeine boosts the metabolism and can help you burn more calories. Caffeine before a workout can increase strength and power levels, leading to more weight lifted over time. The Research Caffeine is a very well researched substance. The research suggests caffeine can, in people who are not yet tolerant to the effects of it, provide a powerful workout/training boost, both in physical performance, mental focus. It can also provide a...

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The Vitamin C Supplement Guide: Does Vitamin C Prevent Colds?

What is Vitamin C Also known as Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C is one of the 24 essential vitamins required by the human body. Humans do NOT produce Vitamin C and therefore it must be acquired through food. Fruits often contain high concentrations of Vitamin C, with papaya, strawberries, and oranges containing about 50-60 mg per 100 grams. Vitamin C can also be obtained from animal sources, usually found in high concentrations in the liver (20-30 mg’s). The Vitamin C Claim: Supplementing with Vitamin C will prevent the common cold; taking mega doses of Vitamin C once you have a...

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