Something that sets high-level fighters apart is the small nuances in their game that allow them to land strikes. All the basics look the same, but it is the subtle differences in timing that allow them to break down good defenses. Fighters who fight at the highest levels of the sport, need to adapt their game to compete against top level competition.

An offensive fighter like Pornsanae Sitmonchai, was known for his hard punches and low kicks. Even though his opponents knew that he was going to throw those strikes, he still managed to land them. Using speed, power, and timing, Pornsanae could break down good defenses that anticipated his offense.

When I was training with Pornsanae, he showed me a technique that is extremely effective in scoring an easy strike against your opponent. The technique is demonstrated in the video below:

Pornsanae Quick Counter off the Jab

Having a Diverse Offense

The better you get in Muay Thai, the more skills you need to be able to keep up with good competition. When you face inexperienced fighters, it is easy to land strikes and score points. As you get better, your competition will also improve. This means you need to have a game that is constantly improving to keep up with the better opponent’s that you are constantly facing.

Learning little tools like the quick counter off the jab, is going to give you tools that can work against a stingy defense that doesn’t have many openings.

This is a technique that you should work on in sparring until you can use it without having to consciously think about it. You can’t just use it a few times and think you will be able to use it in the future.

Special thanks to Pornsanae Sitmonchai for demonstrating this technique. Even though Pornsanae is a beast in the ring, he is a funny and friendly guy when you meet him in person. If you want to train with Pornsanae you can visit Evolve Vacation to learn more.