One of the reasons why Muay Thai shorts are so popular is because they are unique to Muay Thai. If you see a fighter wearing Muay Thai shorts you can guarantee that he probably trains Muay Thai or is a fan of Muay Thai. Casual fans would much rather walk around in MMA/Kickboxing shorts.

Are custom Muay Thai shorts for you?

It’s great to get a pair of custom shorts, but you are going to pay more money and, depending on where you get them, wait anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks for your order. For fighters who want a custom name/look to their shorts, custom shorts are recommended. For Muay Thai fanatics who really want something unique (or their name on their shorts) and don’t mind the price and wait, also recommended. For the rest of you though (especially the impatient and/or price-conscious), you might be better off looking at an off-the-shelf brand such as Top King, Twins, or our very own MTP Fight Gear Thai shorts.

If you see a fighter wearing Muay Thai shorts you can guarantee he trains Muay Thai or is a fan of Muay Thai.

Casual fans would much rather walk around in MMA/Kickboxing shorts, than wear a tight pair of Thai Boxing shorts.

Given the popularity of Muay Thai shorts among practitioners, it is not surprising that a lot of people want to purchase custom Muay Thai shorts online. Most Muay Thai gyms will have their own shorts made so they can brand their gym label on the shorts. Additionally, fighters will often make custom shorts so they can get their names and sponsors patched on the shorts.

The Two Ways of  Getting a Custom Thai Shorts Made

There are two ways to get custom Muay Thai shorts made.

Method #1

The first method involves buying a standard pair of Muay Thai shorts off the rack and adding whatever logo or patch you want on the shorts. You can buy a cheap pair of shorts for as little as $15-25 and get your patch added on the shorts for another $10 at some places.

You can buy a cheap pair of shorts for as little as $15-25 and get your patch added on the shorts for another $10 at some places.

If you already like a specific brand and size of shorts, but simply want a logo placed on it, this is the method you will choose. You can’t go wrong with the sizing and you are guaranteed a fit that you already know.

For this method, you will select your style of shorts first. There are usually a few different cuts (styles) of shorts that are available from the producer. After you select your style you can then choose the size from S,M,L,XL,XXL. Once you have chosen the size then you can proceed to add whatever letters or logos you want on the shorts.

You can typically do these directly with a Thai shorts manufacturer (through a website ordering tool or if you are at the location, in person by selecting from a catalog of choices).

Here is an example of how the process usually works.

Here is an example of how the process usually works.

It’s also possible to order a basic off-the-shelf brand of Muay Thai shorts from one of the major Thai brands (Top King, Twins, Fairtex, etc) then bring that short in to get customized. As the main design and look is done, you can add patches and logos to the base design.

Frankly, this is a bit of a pain in the ass to do as you need to buy the shorts then bring it to a factory / store that specializes in customizing Thai shorts. Most likely, you can do this directly on a website that specializes in custom Muay Thai shorts — they may allow you to choose an off-the-shelf brand of shorts when ordering, then add some customization on to this. Note the customization will be limited though.

Method #2

The second method of custom shorts is having everything customized from the short length, size, materials, design etc. Since a lot more work is involved in the second method of customized shorts, you should expect to pay more.

The prices of fully customized shorts can range anywhere from $50+ USD depending on what color combinations, patches and materials you choose. Keep in mind this is simply an estimate, but you should use it as a general guideline. When you add shipping to the cost the price might jump up another $20 depending on the shipping service they use.

This is my preferred method as you pretty much get your own shorts made from start to finish. The result can be pretty spectacular and looks better than simply adding a few patches to a pre-bought pair of shorts.

Custom Made Thailand

The benefit of buying custom made shorts is that everything is hand cut and made from scratch. Most producers have the sheets of raw material that they use for the base and then stitch everything together as they need it. The fabrics and cuts that you choose really come down to your own personal tastes.

Almost all the best custom made Muay Thai shorts are produced in Thailand.

I would avoid ordering anything you see from India or Pakistan because they usually produce lower quality items that are made from cheaper materials.

And besides, you WANT a pair of Muay Thai shorts made in Thailand, which has that real connection with Muay Thai.

Before I take a look at where you should buy custom Muay Thai shorts, the first thing we’ll look at is Why Buy Custom Muay Thai Shorts?

Reasons to Buy Custom Made Shorts

Custom Fit and Size

If you happen to have a body shape that doesn’t fit well with normal Muay Thai shorts, custom made is going to be your main choice. Larger fighters often have difficulty trying to find a pair of Muay Thai shorts that provide the right fit. You might either find that your shorts are too tight around the hips, waist or a combination of both.

Larger fighters often have difficulty trying to find a pair of Muay Thai shorts that provide the right fit. You might either find that your shorts are too tight around the hips, waist or a combination of both.

Let’s be honest, the typical Muay Thai shorts are usually designed for fighters who are fit and in shape, not big Westerners who are above 200 lbs. If you happen to be born large, you may have a hard time trying to find a pair of shorts that fits your body. An easy solution to this problem is to pay a little bit more and have your shorts custom fit. In this method, you measure your exact measurements and find out what size is the best fit for you.

You will need to know your measurements for the waist, leg width, crotch length and the side length of the shorts. If you know the measurements that fit you best in these lengths, you will be able to find the perfect fitting pair of shorts. I recommend you measure a pair of shorts that fit you, so you have something to compare it to.

Materials Used

The next thing you will need to determine when selecting a pair of custom Muay Thai shorts online is to choose a fabric of the shorts. There’s a number of fabrics such as Satin, Nylon, and even some high-tech fabrics that you can get your shorts made from.

Satin is a higher quality material than cheaper Nylon fabrics and gives that nice shiny, soft look that Muay Thai shorts are famous for.

Some of the modern materials, like the dry-fit materials, will give your Thai shorts a completely different look — usually not the traditional look. However, some of these materials may offer advantages over satin such as drying faster, odor resistant, anti-bacterial, and so on.

custom shorts yokkaoDepending on where you purchase your custom Muay Thai shorts, you will be able to select a range of different options.

I recommend you go with the higher quality fabric options because some of the cheaper materials tend to be see through and feel a little bit rough on the skin.

Cut Length of the Shorts

Besides choosing the actual measurement of your shorts you also need to choose what kind of cut you want. Some Muay Thai shorts are designed to be short in length, but still prevent your underwear from showing, while others are not. If you choose a shorter cut, make sure you are comfortable with the fit.

The traditional Thai way of wearing Muay Thai shorts is to wear them very short, with the legs rolled high up the thighs, allowing for maximum freedom for kicks and knees.

So if you are trying to decide on a  mid or high cut length, the high cut is more popular in Thailand among the male fighters.

There are certain cuts that a lot of women use that may be a little bit constricting for some guys. It really comes down to personal preference and what cut you think fits best with your body type etc. If you like a specific cut you can always send in a photo of the cut and have the company replicate that cut.

Unique Designs and Logos

Probably the main reason why you would want to get custom made Muay Thai shorts is because you can add your own patch to the shorts. Being able to express yourself from your shorts is a great way to give yourself a voice at the gym, without having to say anything.

If you are fighting you can get a patch of your gym logo, your fighter name, or even your mom’s name on your shorts. Whatever you need to get inspiration is never a bad reason to get a patch.

The price of the Muay Thai shorts will usually depend on how many pairs of shorts you order and how many patches are put on each short. If you only add a couple patches and have a basic design it will cost you less than a very fancy version of the shorts.

Where to Buy Custom Shorts

With the ease of the internet you can get a pair of custom made shorts directly from Thailand. The benefit of ordering from a company that produces in Thailand is that it keeps the price of the shorts down and keeps the quality high.

Some online websites have a pretty simple form for ordering custom Muay Thai shorts, but the downside is they have a little offering of shorts and the styles are pretty ugly in my opinion. You get a pretty cheap price, but you can only put your name on the shorts. If you like their shorts, then this is an option, but probably not the best one.

One option that I wouldn’t recommend is to contact a general tailor to try and custom make a pair of Muay Thai shorts. You will probably not be happy with the results and it will end up costing you a lot more in the end. Thai shorts have to be made a certain way and it’s best to leave it to the professionals who know how to make a legit pair.

How Much Will a Good Pair of  Custom Muay Thai Shorts Cost You

The price is highly variable depending on:

  • how customized the shorts are
  • the material used
  • the extras (fancy laces, trimmings, patches, logos, patterns)
  • the quality of the elastic waistband (these can vary — cheaper shorts don’t have as good a band)
  • where you order the shorts from
  • where you live (shipping costs)

The Cheap Option

Order and existing pair of existing shorts and get a custom logo printed on it (cheaper option)

The Expensive Option

You can design a pair of shorts from the ground up and get them made-to-order. This will cost you at least 50% more and will probably take more time to get made (days to weeks).

Keep in mind if you order the shorts in Thailand you will need to pay for shipping charges as well. This will usually range from $15-25 usd depending on where you live and how fast you want the items shipped. So if you pick up a cheap pair of Muay Thai shorts online for 15-20 from a Thai company, expect to double the cost in shipping charges.

Realistically, expect to pay $35 to $50 for your shorts when you calculate the shipping. It may cost you even more if you opt for completely customized design (made to order) with all the fancy logos, trimmings, and best material.

You might pay $70 to $100 for the top end, best custom Muay Thai shorts after shipping charges.

Final Thoughts

If you are the type of person who likes to express yourself through your clothing, then you definitely should get a pair of custom Muay Thai Boxing Shorts. There are plenty of quality companies that manufacture shorts that can create anything that you can create in your head.

Custom shorts are definitely a great idea and if you can afford to pay a little extra for your shorts. There is something to be said about walking around the gym with a pair of shorts that are completely unique.

I personally only buy custom Muay Thai shorts now — there’s something about making your very own design and rock it at the gym. If you are a fighter, you’ll definitely want customized designs to show your name and gym logo on the shorts (to wear during training and during your matches).