Dragon Muay ThaiDragon Muay Thai is one of the original Muay Thai gyms in Phuket that started targeting tourist. Since they opened their doors over 8 years ago, they have become a popular alternative to people who don’t want to train at Tiger Muay Thai. Situated on the same street as Tiger, the owner Ekkarin Lookchan used to work at Chalong Muay Thai gym (which later turned into Tiger Muay Thai).

The gym has had a solid reputation over the years and have had a number of high level fighters who have came through the doors. They have a regular group of local Thai fighters who fight for the gym and represent them in the local stadiums.

Like most of the gyms in Thailand, over the years the students and trainers filter in and out of the different gyms. They used to have a very strong Brazilian presence at the gym, but they ended up starting another gym which turned into Phuket Fight Club.

I’m sure Dragon Muay Thai would be much more popular and busy if they had someone managing their social media and updated their website. The lack of marketing is one of the reasons why so many Thai owned gyms open and close their doors at a rapid pace.

Fortunately for Dragon Muay Thai, they have established a good reputation and have a lot of foot traffic that walks by from the other gyms in the area. This is enough to keep customers coming through the door.


Dragon Muay Thai is located on Soi Tai-ed which has three other gyms on the same road. Since Tiger can have upwards of 400 people in the busy season, this gym offers smaller class sizes and a more intimate feel than Tiger.

The gym is located near a lot of good restaurants and hotels that are reasonably priced and offer healthy food options. You won’t ever run out of places to eat during your stay. If you take a taxi from the airport it will take you about 45 minutes depending on the traffic. The beach is located 20 minutes away by motorbike and the big Buddha is a quick 10 minute drive to the top.

Given the convenient location, you can walk down the street and check out all of the different gyms that are around. So if you don’t like your training sessions you can always try another gym.


Dragon muay thai trainerSomething that Dragon Muay Thai advertises is the smaller class sizes. They suggest that you will get maximum 3 to 1 student to teacher ratio, with most days being two students for every instructor. For people who want more one on one attention and don’t want to attend big beginner classes, this is an ideal option if you are in Chalong.

Dragon used to be unique because it was the only Thai owned gym that was surrounded by Foreign owned MMA camps. Now there are two other two gyms that have opened up near Dragon called Rattachai and Chokchai Muay Thai.

The addition of two more Thai owned camps in the area means that there is much more competition for Dragon to contend with.

The monthly training rate at Dragon Muay Thai is 8,000 baht, which is pretty reasonable compared to some of the other gyms in the area. If you are looking for a cheap price, you won’t get much lower than that.


Dragon Muay Thai offers on site bungalows that feature everything you would in need during your stay. The price for training and accommodation is listed at 22,000 baht per month. However, you should contact them before you visit to confirm the latest prices.

If you don’t feel like staying at the Dragon Muay Thai bungalows you can stay at any of the other places located on Soi Tai-ed. This area has a lot of cheap places that you can stay, so make sure you look around so you can find something that works for you.

The longer you plan on staying, the bigger the discount you can often get on your accommodation. That being said, most places do charge a higher rate for high season and a lower price for the low season.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Muay Thai is a gym that has been around for many years and has established itself as a good alternative to Tiger Muay Thai or Phuket Top Team. People who want to come to Thailand to train Muay Thai, but want to stay in the Tiger area can look at Dragon as a viable option.

The Chalong area is pretty central to most things, but you will need to rent a motorbike to reach any tourist site. That being said, there are loads of good restaurants around here that you can enjoy during your stay.

I think Dragon would be a lot more popular if they had someone who worked marketing for them, but most Thais don’t bother putting effort in those areas. While nothing really stands out about Dragon Muay Thai, you should definitely check it out if you plan on staying in the Chalong area.

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