Whenever you face someone who has a good defense in Muay Thai it is important that you learn how to set up your strikes. You need to learn how to throw a good feint so that your opponent reacts to the expected attack, which will give you an opening to land another strike.

When you face a fighter who keeps on blocking your right kicks with their lead leg, you have plenty of options that you can use to counter this attack. Nong-O demonstrates how to bait your opponent into blocking a right kick, and then stepping through with a kick that targets their rear leg.

This is a high scoring technique because it showcases your ability to off balance your opponent, which looks good to the judges. Anytime you get a chance to sweep your opponent to the ground, it establishes control of the fight.

The key to this technique is to make sure your opponent bites on your first fake. If you throw the kick and your opponent doesn’t eat the fake, throwing the sweep will be useless because they will have both legs down. By getting your opponent to raise one leg off the ground, it opens up the opportunity to sweep them to the ground.

Muay Thai Technique – Fake Setup for Rear Leg Sweep

Things to Consider

This is quite a popular sweep that I see a lot of people use in sparring. The key to the sweep is to make your opponent bite on the fake. I have had countless guys who try to use this fake on me and it never works. If your opponent doesn’t bite on your fake, you won’t sweep them because they will have balance on two feet.

Throw the fake, see how they react, then throw the sweep. If you have someone who is biting at every fake you throw, then this is pretty easy to pull off. But a good defender will not be so easy to throw off balance.

If you notice that your opponent is able to read the feint, then try something else. Don’t get stuck trying to force a technique on your opponent. If something isn’t working for you, try something else until you find something that does work.

Countering the Sweep

If you end up falling for this fake, the best thing you can do is to transition your block to a front teep. After you raise your leg to block the kick and your opponent rushes in to sweep out your back leg (seen in the video above), throw a front teep at your opponent to knock them off balance.

Every technique has a counter technique that you can use against it. The teep is a very effective counter to a lot of techniques because it works to off balance your opponent.

Use these Techniques in Sparring

If you want to add any new technique to your game you need to practice them. Using them once and forgetting about them will not work. You have to make a concerted effort to constantly use them on a regular basis if you want to add them to your arsenal of moves.

If you don’t use it you will lose it.

Special thanks to Nong-O from Evolve MMA for demonstrating the technique. If you want to train with Nong-O you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation.