When it comes to choosing the right pair of Muay Thai gloves for training there are a number of options that are available. Fairtex is one of the leading Muay Thai brands because of their quality and design.

This guide will break down the different types of Fairtex gloves that are offered on the market.

Fairtex BGV1 Gloves

Ideal For: Pad work, Heavy bag, Technical Sparring


Fairtex BGV1 Black-White-Red

The most common type of Fairtex glove is the BGV1 series of gloves. These gloves have the classic Fairtex look that you expect when you purchase a pair of Muay Thai gloves. They have a nice tight fit and are built to last. They have a hook and loop Velcro strap that allows you to easily access the gloves without needing a partner to tie up the laces.

Fairtex gloves provided good padding on the front end of the gloves to protect your knuckles when you are punching the heavy bag. They come in a number of different colors and combinations of colors which include: Black/White/Red, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink and White.

Fairtex BGV1-Classic

Fairtex BGV1-Classic

They offer the standard sizing options for these basic gloves: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14 oz, 16oz, 18oz. The prices of each glove will go up depending on the size that you choose. The 8-10 oz gloves are the cheapest options, while the 18 oz gloves are the most expensive.

Besides the standard offering of gloves, Fairtex also offers a number of special design and limited edition BGV1 gloves that have fancy prints on the outside of the gloves. There is no difference in make besides the print of the gloves.

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Fairtex BGV1 Nation Series– The nation print Fairtex gloves are one of the most popular special designed gloves from Fairtex.


Fairtex BGV1-Flag-US

Fairtex BGV1 Flag Series – Fairtex also offers the flag series of gloves that has the U.S., UK, Brazil, Australia and Thailand flags printed on the gloves.

Fairtex Limited Edition (Classic, Brown, Falcon, Emerald and F-day gloves) – These gloves are all limited edition designs that are also very popular among Fairtex gloves.

Fairtex BGV1-Breathable

You can see built in mesh on the palms of the gloves

Fairtex BGV1-Breathable

The Fairtex BGV1-Breathable gloves are the exact same size and design as the classic BGV1 gloves, with the addition of breathable mesh that is added to the inside of the glove around your palm area. This mesh is designed to kill moisture in the gloves and allow them to dry easier.

There are 10 ventilation holes that allow the air to go through the gloves and dry them. These are ideal gloves for cold countries where it is difficult to dry gloves if you keep them outside. Besides the added mesh on the inner palm of the gloves, everything else remains the same compared to the standard BGV1 version of the gloves.

These gloves are a good option if you live in a cold climate and have trouble keeping your gloves clean. The extra ventilation in the gloves can also help cut down on the odor that the gloves produce.


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Fairtex BGV5 Sparring Gloves

Ideal For: Sparring

Fairtex Sparring gloves

Fairtex BGV5 Sparring Gloves

While the Fairtex BGV1 gloves are great for general training purposes, when it comes to sparring protection the Fairtex BGV5 gloves offer more protection and are better suited for harder sparring. These Fairtex originals have an extra-wide fit that is designed to provide you with maximum protection when you spar.

They come in four different sizes which include: 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, and 18oz. The price of the glove will increase the bigger the glove. Most men use the 14-16oz gloves, while the 12oz gloves are better suited for women.

The options for the BGV5 gloves are basic and don’t have any options when it comes to color and design. The most common glove that is available is the Black-White-Red gloves that are scene in this picture. If you want a different color you will usually need to do some research online first.

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Fairtex BGV6 Boxing Gloves

Ideal for: Comfort and Sparring

Fairtex BGV6 Yellow

Fairtex BGV6 Yellow

For people who want to have the most comfort while they sparring, the BGV6 gloves are a great option. They feel extremely very comfortable and have an element of style as well. The provide a lot of front end cushion so that your sparring partners won’t take a lot of damage from your strikes that do land.

The BGV6 gloves come in a full range of sizes from 10-18oz. Just like all of the other Fairtex boxing gloves, the costs of the gloves will go up the larger the size that you choose.

These gloves feel great when you spar in them and I can definitely recommend them for personal use. If you want a good pair of sparring gloves, you can’t go wrong with a pair of 14-16oz Fairtex BGV6 gloves.

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Fairtex TGT7 Bag Gloves

Fairtex Bag Gloves

Fairtex TGT7

If you already own a few pairs of gloves another pair that you can add to your collection is the Fairtex TGT7 bag glove. These gloves are very light and are designed to hit the pads and bags with. These gloves are also a good option for people who want to work in the clinch, without worrying about scratching their partner with the velcro from their gloves.

The Fairtex TGT7 Bag gloves come in three different sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large. They are designed to fit tight, so make sure you choose the right pair of gloves to fit your hand size.

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Fairtex BGL6 Competition Gloves

Fairtex BGL6 Competition Gloves

Fairtex BGL6 Competition Gloves

If you have a professional fight using Fairtex gloves, these are the gloves that you will end up using. They are lace up gloves which ensure you have the tightest fit when they are fully laced up. They do not have as much padding as the sparring gloves and are designed for use in the ring.

These would be your last pair of Fairtex gloves you purchase because they are not ideal for training and are designed for the ring.

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While there are a wide variety of Fairtex gloves that you can choose from, the basic BGV1 design is by far the most popular. From this build, you have different limited edition gloves that have a custom print on the gloves. You also have the BGV1 Breathable gloves that add mesh to allow for more air to pass through the glove. This feature is designed for people who live in colder climates. (I owned a pair of breathable gloves and I didn’t notice much difference in the life of the gloves.)

When it comes to specific sparring gloves the Fairtex BGV5 and BGV6 are best designed for sparring. They have extra padding and have a bigger build than the standard gloves. I personally like the BGV6 the best, but that is simply a matter of personal opinion. Both gloves are built from the same quality materials that are Fairtex products are made from.

You can’t really go wrong with any Fairtex gloves that you choose. If you want to know which type of glove you should get, be sure to read my comprehensive guide to choosing the right Muay Thai Glove.

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