Simon Marcus is a very good Muay Thai fighter. He can beat his opponents in the clinch or beat them at a distance. While Simon may not be as technically good as some of the Thai fighters in Thailand, for his size, Simon is one of the best in the world.

Unfortunately for Simon Marcus, his recent fights have been Kickboxing fights. This means no clinching, no elbows, or throws, all of which are important aspects of Simon’s game. Instead of being able to rely on his trusted clinching abilities, the Kickboxing rules have exposed some of Simon’s weaknesses: his boxing.

This was his most recent fight against Fang Bian from China. Watch the full fight before continuing below.

Once boasting an undefeated record, Simon has now lost 2 out of his last 3 fights. His loss against Joe Schilling was one of the best KO’s of 2014, which is not a good thing if you are Simon Marcus.

You could say that Simon Marcus has been unlucky in his past few fights, however, the real reason he is starting to lose is because he is a Muay Thai fighter, in a Kickboxer’s world.

While Simon has strong kicks and can knock out opponents with his hands, his real strengths lie in his clinching and elbow abilities. By taking away that element of his game, he is handicapping himself from using his best weapons.

Boxing Matters

When you enter the higher weight divisions in striking, every punch has knockout power. If you take a solid punch to the chin, you will get knocked out. In Kickboxing, fighters who don’t have good boxing skills and a strong chin, are quickly exposed against better opponents.

Since Kickboxing rules don’t allow clinching, elbows, and sweeps, Muay Thai fighters who like to clinch are fighting at a handicap.

While Simon Marcus has strong punches and kicks, he leaves himself open a lot because of his punching style. Simon Marcus is a power puncher that throws everything he has behind every punch. While this strategy can be effective against the right opponents, fighters who have good boxing skills will take advantage of these openings.

Fight Breakdown – Simon Marcus vs Fang Bian

Starting off in the first round, this fight looked like it was going to be a good matchup. There were some even exchanges and even a few throws in the clinch by Simon. After being warned not to throw his opponent, Simon would ease off when he got into close range.

You could tell he was eager to engage in the clinch, but wasn’t able to because of the rules. While Simon was being the aggressor in the fight, he would eventually get caught in this clip below.

As Simon is walking forward he throws a lunging left hook, leaving his chin exposed to the counter left from his opponent. Fortunately for Simon, the round was near the end and his opponent wasn’t able to finish Simon off.

As the second round starts Simon gets caught with this nice left hook-right punch combination that goes right through his guard. Dropping him for the second time in the fight.

Make no mistake, Simon Marcus is a fighter who has a lot of heart. While most fighters would think twice about standing up at this point, Simon smiles to himself and get’s up to continue on with the fight.

As he stands up he immediately goes into Survival mode. Instead of backing off and protecting himself, Simon charges forward looking to close the distance. With Simon’s Muay Thai background, traditionally he would be pushing into the clinch, however, this is a kickboxing fight, so he is stuck in punching range the entire fight.

This is what happens after Simon goes into berserk mode.

After getting caught for the 3rd time, I was surprised the referee allowed the fight to continue after this. At this point in the fight it was pretty clear what the outcome of the fight would be. This was the final sequence before the fight ended.

As you can see, after the second knockdown, the fight was pretty much over. The final knockdown was purely for the enjoyment of the Chinese audience. The fans paid to see the Chinese fighters win and the ref wasn’t going to step in until Simon was unconscious.

A Muay Thai Fighter’s Dilemma

Given the fact that Simon Marcus is a much better fighter in Muay Thai, you are probably wondering why he would take fights in Kickboxing.

The answer to this question is pretty simple: Money

Kickboxing pays a lot more money than Muay Thai. If you look at the difference between the amount of money the top Glory fighters make compared to the top Lion Fighters, there is a big difference.

Fighters don’t have a lot of options when it comes to taking fights. If there is a promotion that wants you to fight for them, you take it.

Given the recent growth of Chinese based Kickboxing organizations, a lot of Muay Thai fighters are following the money and having Kickboxing fights in China.

While Simon Marcus has the skills to compete against top ranked Kickboxers around the world, he doesn’t have the same advantages that he has in full Muay Thai rule fights. This is the main reason why he has suffered a few devastating losses.

For many Muay Thai fighters like Simon Marcus, Kickboxing is the only option if they want to make a living fighting. Until a promotion like Lion Fight can grow and start to pay fighters more, Muay Thai fighters like Simon Marcus will be forced to take Kickboxing fights that result in KO losses like this.