While I have been featuring Littewada Sitthikul a lot recently, another favorite fighter of mine is Sagmanee Sor Tienpo. The last time I showcased Sangmanee on this blog he ended up losing to his opponent in a bloody war. After that loss, I expected Sangmanee to come back stronger and more prepared for his next opponent.

If you want to learn about Sangmanee’s story you can read this article HERE

Recently, Sangmanee was matched up against Panpayak Jitmuangnon. Panpayak has been awarded the Thailand Fighter of the year award for three consecutive years. This is an award that only the best fighters win and have legendary names like Saenchai, Samart and Somrak having all won this award. Ironically, Sangmanee also won that prestigious award 3 years ago, when he shared the honors with non other than Panpayak.

Both Sangmanee and Panpayak are two young fighters who are the best in the sport. Both of these guys are still under 20 years old and have captured all of the prestigious titles and belts in Thailand. The fight between Sangmanee and Panpayak lived up to the hype with both fighters showcasing why they are the best in the sport.

Check out the full fight below.

Sangmanee vs. Panpayak (FULL FIGHT)

Thanks to MuayTies for filming the fight on location at Rajdamnern Stadium. 

My Thoughts (SPOILER ALERT!)

This fight is easily one of the biggest wins of Sangmanee’s career. Panpayak is a fighter who is extremely deadly with his high kicks, as he had a beautiful head kick KO over Sam-A last year. You could see a lot of Panpayak’s kicks were going high, hoping he could get something through Sangmanee’s guard.

Sangmanee’s strategy throughout the fight was to apply pressure and outscore his opponent. This is something that he did extremely well as he was able to neutralize most of the kicks his opponent landed by quickly throwing kicks right back.

The aggressive tactics that Sangmanee used in this fight were very effective in ensuring that Panpayak didn’t get to comfortable sitting back in the fight. By the 5th round both fighters realized that unless Panpayak got a knockout, he was going to lose the fight.

In Thailand, most fighters will accept a loss if they are far behind on points instead of trying to desperately knock their opponent out which puts themselves at more risk. Thai fighters don’t have the same attitude that westerners have because fighting is their job and they have to fight every month. After a few hundred fights, losing isn’t such a big deal anymore.

Both of these fighters are so evenly matched that they will definitely have a rematch between the two of them in the future. I wouldn’t ever count Panpayak out as he is a young guy who is beaming with confidence and skill.