Lumpinee stadiumEvery once in a while you see a Muay Thai fight that truly embodies what the sport is about. Although the fight between Lumpinee Champion Wanchalong PKSaenchaimuaythaigym against Rajadamnern champion Chaisiri Sakniranath looked good on paper, it turned out to be the fight of the year. The fight showcased Wanchalong defending his Lumpinee title against Rajadamnern champion Chaisiri, who was looking to be one of the few fighters who held both major stadium titles.

This fight is a nail biter from start to finish. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wanchalong in a boring fight. He possess a warrior spirit that showcases what will power and determination can achieve. Wanchalong truly is the definition of a fighter who possess a lot of heart. No matter how bad he is losing the fight, he always stalks forward looking to put his opponent on the ground.

This battle features numerous knockdowns and a very exciting finish at the end. If you want to watch an amazing fight, don’t miss this one.


Video Credit- Muay Ties

Considering how this fight turned out, expect a rematch between the two camps in the next couple months. I expect another KO finish from either fighter.