buakaw ProfileName: Buakaw Banchamek (Por Pramuk)

Record: 228 Wins (68 (TKO’s) – 23 Losses (1TKO) –  12 Draws

Born: Surin, Thailand

Nationality: Thai

Height and Weight: 1.74m (5 ft 8 ½ in) – 70kg (155 lb)

Gym: Buakaw Banchamek (Former gym Por. Pramuk)

Buakaw Banchamek is a Muay Thai fighter has multiple world championship titles in Muay Thai and K1. He is currently the most famous Thai fighter in the world. Buakaw grew in popularity since fighting in K1 World Max since 2004 before K1 would eventually fold. Buakaw became a youtube sensation after many of his highlight videos gathered millions of views. He is considered by many to be the ambassador of muay thai due to his popularity around the world.

Last Updated (November 2016)


Born in Surin, Thailand, Buakaw started fighting at the tender age of 8 years old. He would later move to the gym Por. Pramuk where he would gain popularity within Thailand and begin his k1 career. Buakaw has multiple belts from different stadiums in Thailand. He has the Omnoi Stadium Belt, Champion of Thailand belt, Toyota marathon Winner, WMC Middleweight champion, K1 World Max champion, Thai Fight Champion and Max Muay Thai Champion.

Of all of the belts Buakaw has won, he has yet to win a Lumpinee Championship. He fought for the title against Charlie Sor Chaitamin on December 7, 2001 and lost on points. Buakaw’s record while fighting in Lumpinee is less than impressive compared to other Lumpinee fighters.

muay thai por pramuk gymChanging Gyms and Coming back

In March 1, 2012 Buakaw was noticeably absent from his muay thai camp Por Pramuk. He would later appear on Thai television claiming that he had problems with his training camp and was unhappy to continue the working relationship with the gym owner. He would later make a statement to the media saying “I can stand tough training, but not poor treatment. It is about mind, not body.”

After parting ways with Por Pramuk, Buakaw would come back to fighting under his own gym name Banchamek. After a settlement with his old gym Por Pramuk that would see them getting a percent of his future fight earnings, Buakaw Banchamek would continue to fight.

His successful return to Muay Thai under his own gym name Banchamek would see him undefeated in 10 fights (up until Jan 2014) since the departure from Por Pramuk. After leaving Por Pramuk Buakaw has had a new sense of passion for the sport and has gained increasing popularity in Thailand as a celebrity.

Buakaw kickFighting Style

Buakaw is known for his hard hitting fighting style. Unlike many Thai fighters who are not aggressive and win purely on technique, Buakaw always goes for the KO in all of his fights. While most Thai’s aren’t known for their good boxing, Buakaw’s years in K1 have allowed him to use his boxing extremely effectively. When he is fighting he will usually go forward and push the pace, looking to end the fights with aggressive punches and kicks.


Buakaw is an extremely well-rounded fighter. Buakaw can end a fight using any technique that he chooses to. One particular technique that he is known for is his exceptional left kick, which is both devastating in power and accuracy. The timing on his kicks is extremely effective, as he is rarely blocked when he kicks. He has KOed a number of his opponents with his kicks.

Buakaw body punchesAnother major strength that Buakaw has is his boxing. While most Thai fighters will sit back and try and win fights with their kicks, Buakaw always goes for the knockout. He will put everything he has behind every shot in an attempt to wobble his opponent. Although Buakaw is not the most technical boxer, he is very proficient at avoiding punches and countering. Buakaw usually throws big looping punches that have a lot of force behind them.

Although one could argue strengths in all aspects of Muay Thai, his elbows are another extremely effective skill set that he possess. He is extremely good in his timing and he knows exactly when to throw a well-timed elbow. His fight experience makes his timing so deadly.


Although Buakaw doesn’t have any particular weaknesses, one could argue that his clinch is not his strongest skill set. Even though he dominates all the competition that he faces, people argue that if he was to fight the current Lumpinee title holders he would have problems in certain areas. While Buakaw’s style is good against farang fighters, many Lumpinee fighters would beat him on points because he doesn’t have a “Thai Style” of fighting.

One issue that many people criticize Buakaw for is his lack of difficult opponents. Some people claim that Buakaw is not fighting the best people around, therefore he is winning his fights. While this is not a weaknesses in his actual fighting, it is more of a criticism that he has faced in the past few years. Whether you agree with this argument or not, you can’t argue with the results that he has had when he has fought.

Check out this highlight of Buakaw’s Fights:

Current Update on Buakaw Banchamek

As of today (November 2016), Buakaw is fighting on the Kunlun promotion in China. He is one of the superstars on the show and is fighting foreigners who are in the 70kg weight division. Since he’s gotten older, Buakaw exclusively fights foreigners who are good fighters, but not the best in the world. Kunlun is the highest paying Kickboxing organization and features some other top tier talent.

In addition to his fighting career, Buakaw also has a gym that he is partnered with called Banchamek gym.

I’m not sure if he owns the gym, but he is the face of the gym. Banchamek gym is a popular place for tourist to train. It is overpriced, but that is what you expect when you train at a gym that features Buakaw. If you want a (paid) photo with Baukaw, then you might check out his gym. But if you want to train Muay Thai, we recommend looking at other gym options (like any other gym).

Buakaw is also tied to another Muay Thai promotion that is putting on 3 round fights. This promotion is similar to Max and Thai fight in their format. If you want to see what Buakaw is currently doing you can visit him on his facebook page. He is constantly posting live video footage and training updates.