Photo Courtsey of Damien Almos Officieal

Photos Courtesy of Damien Alamos Officiel facebook

Name: Damien Alamos

Record: 61 Wins (28 KO) – 12 Losses – 1 Draw

Born: Bordeaux, France

Nationality: French

Height and Weight: 1.75m (5 ft 9 in) – 63.5 kg (140lb)

Gym: Singpatong and Impacts Bordeaux

Damien Alamos is a French Muay Thai Kickboxer who fights out of Singpatong gym in Thailand. His family is from Chile, but he grew up in France. He has won major titles including the WMC, WPMF European, and Lumpinee title at 140lbs (63.5kilos). His two managers are Numnoi and Rodrigo Alamos. Num is his manager at Singpatong gym in Phuket and Rodrigo is his uncle that runs Impacts Bordeaux Clubs in France.

Damien Alamos is only the second non-Thai to win a Lumpinee title and the first non-Thai to ever defend a Lumpinee belt in 2012. He has fought some of the toughest opponents around the world and been successful numerous times. Damien has fought two legendary fighters Saenchai and Orono and came away with close defeats.

Damien has a younger brother Mike Alamos who is another big prospect in the sport of Muay Thai. Mike is following his brother’s footsteps to becoming another big name in Muay Thai.


Damien Buakaw

Photos Courtesy of Damien Alamos Officiel facebook

Damien started out training in Savate Boxing (French Kickboxing) at the age of 8. By 10 years old Damien started training in Muay Thai with his uncle, Hugo Almos, who started the gym Impacts Bordeaux club in the South of France. His uncle Hugo has been Damien’s trainer since the start of his muay thai career.

At 14 years old Damien travelled to Thailand and had his first fight in Koh Samui. He would then return to France where he would continue to have amateur fights in France, while at the same time traveling back and forth to Thailand to have professional fights. At the age of 18 he would become the French Muay Thai Class A Champion at 63.5 kilos.

After winning the French title, Damien would set his sights on the WPMF title with a fight against the tough Iranian, Abass Ahmadi. He would win this fight in a 5 round decision where he would get his first major title in Thailand.

Since the age of 14 Damien has trained and many different camps in Thailand. He trained at the famous Por Pramuk gym, he went to Jocky Gym, Baan Muay Thai Gym, and the Somrak Khamsing. He would finally settle down in 2009 at a small gym located in Phuket, Thailand that was managed by Numnoi. This manager would take Damien from a fighter with a lot of potential to the future Lumpinee champion.

Fighting Style

Damien is known as the best non-Thai fighter to fight a Thai style of muay thai. While many foreigners who come to Thailand keep some over their own fighting style, Damien fights and trains just like the Thais. He is known for his vicious elbows, high kicks and punches that can put any opponent to sleep in the blink of an eye.


Damien Saenchai

His most feared weapon would be his elbow, as he uses it without mercy to aggressively try and hurt his opponents. Damien is skilled at all aspects of muay thai and is a very well rounded fighter.

One of Damien’s biggest assets is the ability to use the different weapons of muay thai so effectively. One moment he will throw a good body shot and then the next sequence will be a head kick. The opponents never get a feel of exactly what Damien is going to do. His variations in his attacks are one of his greatest strengths as a fighter.

Another advantage that Damien possesses is his heart. Just like his nickname Singkhao (White Lion) suggests, has the heart of a Lion. He will never back down when an opponent is trying to intimidate him with strong kicks or punches. Usually Damien will go forward in the face of adversity, daring is opponents to try and attack him. His heart is one of his biggest strengths as a fighter.


Damien Kick

Photos Courtesy of Damien Alamos Officiel facebook

Damien Alamos does not have many weaknesses as a fighter. If one was to suggest a weakness, you would say that an extremely good teep is effective against Damien. In his fight versus Diesellek Damien was constantly being driving back by the vicious teeps of Diesellek. Making Damien unable to apply his constant pressure is one of the keys to taking him out of his element.

Another weakness would be the elbow. The 2 KO losses that Damien suffered in his career were both due to elbows. Part of this reason is because of his aggressive style of Muay Thai, he can be susceptible to elbows from his opponents.

This being said, Damien has only had 12 Losses in 74 total fights. So it is very difficult to exploit any weaknesses from the French Champion. Damien only fights high level opponents, so don’t expect to fight him unless you are fighting for a title.

Fight Videos and Highlights

This is a highlight video of Damien Alamos

Here is one of Damien’s fight in Lumpinee where he demonstrates beautiful technique and skill.

Here is another fight of Damien’s vs Petsanguan in the 3rd round. The fight was extremely close with 2 knockdowns before the end.


The life of most fighters living and fighting is not an easy one. You can imagine how easy it is to burn out as a fighter when you have been training 6 days a week for 6 hours a day most of your life. Damien started fighting full time by the age of 14 and by the age of 23 he was worn out.

Damien retired from fighting at the age of 23. After reaching the pinnacle of the sport, he left it and hasn’t returned. Damien ended up marrying a girl from England and retiring after he had his second child. He converted to Islam and has become a devoted Muslim.

Damien has not been heard from since his retirement and has been keeping a low profile. He has cut his ties to the sport of Muay Thai.