Hayabusa Boxing GlovesOne of the more popular MMA brands, Hayabusa have garnered an outstanding reputation as one of the premier (and more popular) boxing glove brands on the market. They’ve set themselves apart from all the other companies by including new technology into their gloves and with a unique visual style that stands out from the crowd.

Overview of Hayabusa Gloves

While many of the old-school boxing glove companies have their eyes firmly set into the past and have done little to change their overall glove designs, let alone implement new technology, fibers, and designs into their lineup, Hayabusa have been at the forefront in pioneering new boxing glove designs, packed with unique features.

Hayabusa (隼 ?) is Japanese for “peregrine falcon”, a bird that often serves as a metaphor for speed due to its vertical hunting dive speed of 180 to 202 miles per hour (290 to 325 km/h), the fastest of any bird.

In this sense, this Japanese word chosen as the company name describes the company’s philosophy perfectly: a design engineered for efficiency.

While some brands try and straddle the boxing and MMA worlds, while others embrace the Thai design, Hayabusa is solidly in the MMA side of things and represents that specific design aesthetic and ideology: to take the best from other source, refine it and use it yourself. This results in feature-heavy gloves, flashy unique colors, and the brand tying itself to MMA through heavy marketing.

Are Hayabusa Gloves Good?

Yes and no.

Now practically speaking, not all of Hayabusa’s gloves are good; there are a few knockout winners and, I dare to say, a few duds as well. So when it comes to Hayabusa, it’s important to know which of the gloves are the good ones and which ones are disappointing. Generally though, you do overpay anywhere from $30 to $60 for their gloves, when you compare what the gloves offer, the glove material, and overall quality vs some of the competing brands.

General Review of Hayabusa Boxing Glove Brand

Hayabausa do generally make good boxing gloves, though a couple of their models are outstanding and rated, I feel, as some of the best mid-range boxing gloves on the market in terms of quality, features, and price.

There are a few issues with the gloves, however, that have continued to plague the company, regardless of model

  • They are often small and not friendly to big hands
  • The gloves get very warm inside, leading to sweaty hands
  • Quality control issues (Velcro coming off, sloppy stitching)
  • Difficulty in tightening the Dual-X Wrist Closure straps on the higher models.

I’ve found, while testing out different Hayabusa gloves, that Hayabusa emphasizes three things in their gloves: comfort, wrist support, and engineered technology.

It’s easy to get sucked into the hyped up features Hayabusa advertizes; however, as to how effective these ‘amazing’ features are is questionable. I’ve generally found the gloves, regardless of the moisture wicking / thermal controlling properties they advertise, get hot as hell. The mesh nets for ventilation tend to suck and simply get wet and smell bad. And the gloves are almost always tight fitting. With small hands and wraps, this is not a problem. If you have big hands, you may have some real issues with fitting the gloves. The company seems to also be making some cuts in the quality control department — some gloves are cheaply made. It’s a bit of a hit or miss and depends on your model and specific glove.

The Hayabusa Glove Price Range

Hayabusa gloves range from about $45 for the budget models (Fightwear) to their most expensive higher-end model (Kampeki) that are about $160 USD. Their mid-range offering (Ikusa) are about $100.

The company is consistently changing up their glove models around, making updates to old models, introducing new models, and bring out various special (costly) editions. Frankly, it’s rather hard to keep track of what models are what, especially as the company likes to bring out (and banish) limited edition gloves on a regular basis.

Core Hayabusa Boxing Glove Models

Ignoring the limited edition gloves and the various MMA gloves (I won’t cover those here), Hayabusa has 5 core glove models that have remained over the years as a standard lineup. Note that they do make improvements and updates, which is why you see sub-model names on some of the gloves like the Kampeki Elite 3.

Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid

Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Gloves, 7-Ounce/X-Large, White

An odd MMA-Boxing ‘Franken-glove’ combo that works as a sort of light sparring MMA glove. For Boxers or Muay Thai students, probably not a glove you would consider or need.




Hayabusa Sports Gloves

Hayabusa Fightwear Sport 16 oz. Training Gloves - RedThese are the budget line of gloves that are between $40-$50. They don’t feature many of the more advanced engineering of the higher glove models and are designed for casual fitness/beginners / light workouts.





Hayabusa Ikusa Gloves

Ikusa Gloves Color: Black/WhiteThe first ‘real’ entry level boxing glove. These start off between $50 and $60. If you want to consider a starter boxing glove for real training in the Hayabusa glove line, this is the glove you want to look at.




Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Gloves

Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis 16oz Gloves, Black, 16 oz.The mid-range gloves and the most popular model. I would say this is probably the ‘core’ glove that most people should consider if they want a general glove for bag work and pads. However, the gloves are on the pricier range at around $130 USD.




Hayabusa Kanpeki Gloves

Hayabusa Fightwear Kanpeki Elite 3 16oz. Gloves Gloves Boxing Gloves, BrownThe top-end Hayabusa gloves with a unique look. These are their best glove model, feature and quality wise, and the most expensive at $160. It’s questionable whether, in terms of quality and performance, these gloves are worth the $160, if you compare to all the other brands ($160 gets you a good selection from every brand out there), but if you like Hayabusa gloves, like their unique design, and particularly, love the vintage aesthetic this model has, then these are the gloves for you.

Unique Features to Hayabusa Gloves

Reading the product description on a pair of Hayabusa label is like being in a science class and having no idea what the fuck is going on. The company throws out fancy, made-up tech words like candy at a Halloween party. Here’s a rough breakdown of these features:

  • Patented Dual-X Wrist Closure Delivers Superior Wrist Support: This is basically a double wrist strap, with one velcro strap pulling over your wrist first then another velcro strap pulling over the first in the opposite direction. It provides better wrist support than the regular single-strap that most gloves feature.
  • Fusion Splinting® technology: Advertised to provide 99.7 percent hand and wrist alignment for more stability and less injury risk. This is only featured in the high-end models.
  • Deltra-EG® Inner Core with advanced Crush Zone™ foam complex: A better foam padding designed to reduce shock on impact
  • Hayabusa AG™ inner fabric and improved ventilation: Breathable material to allow airflow, water evaporation, and heat regulation.
  • X-Static® XT2®, an anti-microbial technology that delivers anti-odor properties.

Basically, all these features aim to help keep your hands cool, odor-free, and your wrists supported when you punch.

The Hayabusa Glove Models Reviewed

I’ve given a list of the current Hayabusa Boxing Glove models with a fairly detailed review of each glove model. I will have a more filled out dedicated review in the future for each of these models, but for now, this is my review of each model.

I’ve specifically been using Hayabusa at the gym to test out these glove models so I can provide you guys with real feedback here on how these gloves perform in the wild. So these reviews are in part the result of my actual hand’s on experience with each glove during my boxing training — pads, heavy bag, and in some cases, sparring. In the future, I’ll have more filled out, dedicated reviews to each model when I get around to writing them.

Hayabusa Sport Boxing Gloves Review

Hayabusa Fightwear Sport 16 oz. Training Gloves - Red

The Hayabusa Sport is the budget models of the Hayabusa lineup, priced slightly under $50. The gloves feature some of the basic core engineering by Hayabusa which include Triple layered padding, and a breathable inner lining. However, at this price point, the Sports model does not have all the fancy tech of the higher glove models. Basically, it’s your basic budget boxing glove.

The gloves are not bad for what you pay. You can’t expect a pair of Winning’s for under $50 here. And with that limitation in mind, they are decent and in some cases, recommended for certain types.

The padding is reasonable and will do the job for casual training. In a pinch, you can use these gloves as your main gloves, but the gloves are not as durable as some of the other Hayabusa models.

Also, note that there is less padding and wrist support with this cheaper Hayabusa model. There are issues with the quality of these with weak Velcro that may come undone if you use and abuse these over a year. I’m not going to rant too much about the negatives here; as long as you understand that these are cheaper, budget gloves not designed for hard training; they are what they are: a budget boxing glove, designed for light use or beginners.

These are not designed for serious hard training, professional fighters, or serious abuse. While you can use these on the heavy bag and for pads, they are not really a sparring glove, and the padding is not adjusted for that. In a pinch, you can, but if you plan to make sparring a regular thing, go with the Tokushu.

Hayabusa Fightwear Sport 16 oz. Training Gloves - RedHayabusa Sport Boxing Gloves

PROS: affordable and comfortable; good bang for buck starter boxing glove

CONS: small glove compartment; velcro straps of suspect quality; mediocre padding; gloves are not durable


Summary: These are the budget entry gloves by Hayabusa, a brand that’s notorious for their expensive gloves. At about $45, the gloves are a decent glove; they are not by any means the best gloves you can buy at this price range, if you are willing to shop other brands, but the gloves can be used for real training, with some limitations. The gloves are not really suitable for sparring, with mediocre padding and so so wrist support. These gloves are really designed for casual use, beginners, or for fitness; these are not designed for hard usage or to fill in as your primary boxing gloveif you spend every day your gym. The tight fit also means the gloves are not recommended for those with big hands. I would in fact say these are great glove for kids due to the tight fit and the cheaper price. Overall, a decent entry level glove, solidly in the middle ground between ok and good.

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Hayabusa Ikusa Boxing Gloves Review

Ikusa Gloves Color: Black/White

The Ikusa boxing gloves are one of the more popular models (second only to their Tokushu model) and a glove you’ll quite commonly see in many an MMA gym. Unlike the more expensive Tokushu, the Ikusa are the more budget orientated glove, though at $100 retail price, it’s hardly in the ‘budget’ class.

So it’s better to say these are entry level gloves rather than budget gloves.

The Ikusa is a specific line of products under the Hayabusa that feature a core set of features in every item stamped with that name. This line up includes Hayabusa’s wrist-stabilizing tech called the Dual-X closure. It’s basically a double wrap around Velcro system, but it does work as advertised and you get a tight fit and good wrist stability.

The design and colors of the Ikusa gloves tend to be flashier and more colorful, compared to say the more understated Tokushu model colors.

I generally find these gloves feel good on the hands — not too heavy, not too light. Like the Tokushu model, they function best as a pair of blag gloves, due to the dense padding. The fact that the gloves are not too heavy and the tapered design mean you can really throw punches like a hero without feeling like your gloves are fighting against you.

These are a cheaper, more understated design vs the more expensive, more ‘out there’ look of the Tokushu Boxing Gloves. The gloves do offer a good compromise between padding, weight, and wrist protection. One of my biggest complaints with the Hayabusa brand is that they are overpriced — this is also the case with these gloves. I don’t feel they are necessary worth $100; you can get a ‘better’ glove for $20 or $30 if you shop outside among the other brands. These are worth buying if you can get them on sale.

Ikusa Gloves Color: Black/White

Hayabusa Ikusa

PROS: good padding; comfortable; excellent wrist support; moisture wicking feature works; nice understated design; durable

CONS: overpriced; tight fit not suitable for big hands; not real leather

The Hayabusa Ikusa is the best value-for-feature glove model in the Hayabusa line, especially if you get them on sale (don’t buy them from the official site!). The gloves compare well (especially if you get them on sale) to other gloves around the $60-$80 price range. The gloves may not be as fancy or flashy as some of the higher models, but I feel these are a good entry level boxing glove that you can use for MMA, Muay Thai, or Boxing.

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Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves Review

Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis 16oz Gloves, Black, 16 oz.

The Hayabusa Tokushu is the best Hayabusa the best boxing glove in the Hayabusa lineup when counting the price, features, and performance.  It’s also their most popular glove model if the number of Amazon reviews available are any indication.

Generally, I am not much into the MMA style of boxing gloves. Even though some of the classic boxing gloves lack the flashy designs and fancy features hyped up by MMA glove brands, traditional boxing gloves just handle a lot better in the gym, offering superior comfort, padding, and performance.

However, the Tokushu is one of the only exceptions to this, and I feel, my favorite of the MMA boxing gloves on the market. It’s really a pretty outstanding glove, though it’s on the higher mid-range at about $130 USD and I feel quite a bit overpriced. I feel it’s worth more along the lines of a $99 glove and not a $130.

However, price and occasional quality control issues aside, it’s a pretty good glove and the glove to get if you want an MMA boxing glove that actually delivers performance and not just ‘flash’ like most of these gloves tend to do.

They Tokushu are a good general training glove – you can use them for pads, bag work, and occasional sparring. However, I would in no way call these gloves sparring gloves as they are not ideally suited for that. If anything, I would recommend these specifically as heavy bag gloves — the padding and protection offered your hands is amazing.

Overall, these are a good glove, especially if you want dense padding to really protect your hands. I would say they are ideally suited for heavy bag work, less so for pads or sparring. Also, the stitching can be on the sloppy side, and I’m not a fan of the thumb position. The biggest issue of all is the price. At $130 it’s simply far too much for a non-genuine leather glove. A more balanced price would be around $90. If you can overlook those issues and / or you find this glove on sale (you can sometimes find the gloves for half the price…), it’s a good all round glove to get and well recommended.

Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis 16oz Gloves, Black, 16 oz.

Hayabusa Regenisis Gloves

Pros: incredibly comfortable; excellent padding making it well suited for heavy bag; arresting visual design that’s unique

CONS: some quality control issues — sloppy stitching work; way overpriced — better suited to be $80-$90 not $130; not very good as a sparring glove as padding is too dense; awkward thumb position; not real leather; difficult to put on without using your teeth to close straps; hands get hot inside glove.


Summary: These are the second highest model in the Hayabusa lineup (cheaper only then to occasional limited edition gloves they release every year, such as the new GLORY). They pack these gloves in with pretty much all their top features. This glove has their special carbonized bamboo inner lining which reduces odor, keeps your hands cooler, and is soft to the touch. The design is unique in the glove space  and you’ll either like it or not. There are a number of colors to choose from so you can go with the colorful version or the more understated. Typically though the Tokushu colors are a bit more on the conservative side while the other models like the Ikusa opt for more flash and bling.  My major complaints come down to the price, which is excessive, and the difficulty putting the gloves, especially when it comes to tightening the last glove with your other glove on (you may need to resort to your teeth). Outside of this, these are solid, quality gloves that merge the modern with a bit of the classic.

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Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite 3 Boxing Gloves Review

Hayabusa Fightwear Kanpeki Elite 3 16oz. Gloves Gloves Boxing Gloves, Brown

The Hayabusa Kanpeki model is perhaps the most unique looking of the already unique-looking Hayabusa glove lineup. It’s also the most expensive at a retail price of about $160, if you want a pair of 16 oz.

The Elite 3 is the newest 2016 update of the Kanpeki line.

The dull brown color reeks of exclusivity; gone are the flashy bling of the Ikusa models or the odd color color scheme (and weird logo positions) of the Tokushu’s. There is only one color: a rusty brown color with a rather minimalist logo.

Hayabusa took everything about the Tokushu (expect for the price), and made it better with this glove, refining a few things, improving a few others.

The gloves look unique and there’s nothing else out there that’s visually the same. These gloves are minimalist. Hayabusa throws every engineered tech they have developed into this model.

Here are the features offered here:

  • 100% genuine, full-grain, drum-dyed leather – the world’s finest, high-performance leather.
  • Patented Dual-X® Wrist Closure and Fusion Splinting® technologies enhance wrist support by delivering up to 99.7% perfect alignment.
  • Deltra-EG® Inner Core with advanced Crush Zone™ complex absorbs unwanted energy transfer, protecting your hands at impact.
  • Powered by exclusive Hayabusa AG™ fabric featuring X-Static® XT2®, an anti-microbial technology that delivers anti-odor properties.
  • Optimized ergonomic thumb position eliminates awkward strain on both thumb and wrist.

Overall, these are better gloves and my pick for the best of the Hayabusa lineup. You get the same features of the Tokushu, but better quality leather, slightly more padding, a sleeker look, and a completely new, and outstanding, visual design. They are pricey, however, though if you are paying on looks alone, this might not be a bad thing. The actual glove features offered are good, though I can’t really say the engineered features offer anything superior to say what you can’t get in a $80 Fairtex glove, the exception being the visual design and the bamboo charcoal lining.

Hayabusa Fightwear Kanpeki Elite 3 16oz. Gloves Gloves Boxing Gloves, BrownHayabusa Kanpeki Elite 3 Gloves 

PROS: visually arresting vintage design; premium artisan leather; superb padding up front

CONS: very tight fit; the gloves get toasty inside; small thumb


Summary: the most expensive of the Hayabusa boxing gloves with all of the top engineering packed in under the hood. The exterior though is probably the most compelling feature with a sleek rust-color vintage look made from artisan leather. It’s more durable and more padded than the other models and features better odor-reducing materials inside the glove. It’s a great glove and a great looking glove, though you will pay for it. If you can afford the $160, it’s the best Hayabusa has to offer. However, despite the features and the unique look, the actual glove is overpriced for what you get. If this is not an issue, the gloves are good.


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Hayabusa GLORY Gloves Review

Hayabusa Fightwear Glory 10 oz. Lace Boxing Gloves, White

The Hayabusa GLORY are one of Hayabusa’s special edition gloves. Yes, there is a marketing push with these gloves, but ignoring the fact that Hayabusa is paying GLORY to pump their brand, the gloves are pretty good for specialized training.

These are gloves designed for hard training, sparring, and fighters. As such, the gloves are LACED and not Velcro. And they are used in actual GLORY fight matches by some of the top muay thai fighters and kickboxers in the world.

The gloves are also better suited than the other models for people with bigger hands — the front ends are elongated for extra long fingers.

For the average trainee, these gloves won’t be suitable for general training. You are best off looking at the Ikusa, Tokushu, or Kampeki models for general gloves.

If you are looking for a light glove for low-contact sparring or hard padwork, and / or you want a glove for bigger hands and fingers, this is probably the best Hayabusa glove model for that. These are not really designed for sparring as you can only get these in 8,10, or 11 oz weights. For actual competitions and matches, the glove are excellent. For bag work, the gloves are too small to offer decent protection. However, they are excellent padwork gloves that you can do speed and power work on to prepare for a fight. Regrettably, the glove is not offered in anything heavier than 11oz. Overall, if you can ignore the GLORY advertisements plastered all over the glove surface, it’s a good, specialized glove for competition and pads but it’s not recommended as a general training or sparring glove.

Hayabusa Fightwear Glory 10 oz. Lace Boxing Gloves, White

Hayabusa GLORY Gloves

PROS: lightweight and stylish; longer finger area for bigger hands

CONS: minimal padding; only available in 8,10,11 oz sizes; overpriced for what you get


Summary: A lightweight glove designed for competition. The gloves are not so much general training gloves as specialized gloves for fighting/padwork. The padding is too minimal for protected sparring; however, you can engage in light sparring. This glove is especially well suited for large hands with more room inside and longer finger areas; as such. The gloves are too minimally padded for long heavy bag sessions and are best used for padwork. 

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Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Glove

Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Gloves, 7-Ounce/X-Large, White

For the sake of completion, I’ve included the Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid gloves here, although they are not in any sense of the word, a real boxing glove.

I’m not really sure what I think of these; for pure boxing or Muay Thai, these gloves really have no place (though maybe you can use them for Muay Thai clinching). They are an odd sort a combination of MMA and boxing glove, though more similar in design and style to an MMA glove than a Boxing glove. They have more padding then regular MMA gloves but less so than even the lightest 8 ounce boxing glove.

Note that normal MMA gloves are 4 oz while this is 7 oz. If anything, I would call these sparring MMA gloves because you have your fingers free, just like MMA gloves though with far more padding then regular MMA gloves.

In that sense, the gloves are quite good for light MMA sparring (with submissions or take-downs). It also can fill in for karate competitions which do use some similar style gloves (back when I used to compete in Karate sparing competitions in the 90’s as a kid, we used something similar).

For Muay Thai, you could use these gloves during clinching, though you might be best off with a pair of clinching glove designed for Muay Thai or your bare hands.

Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Gloves, 7-Ounce/X-Large, WhiteHayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Glove

Summary: An interesting mashup of a boxing glove and MMA glove, though in practical purposes, they are basically just heavier MMA gloves. Worth considering if you want to do light MMA sparring. The gloves are on the pricier side compared to other heavier MMA gloves, however.

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The Final Word

Before you buy a glove, you need to separate hype from reality. Hayabusa gloves often have a lot of hype behind them, with the heavy marketing train behind the company, their willingness to sponsor MMA fighters for brand exposure, and their hyped up engineered ‘combat features’ advertised on every glove description.

The reality, as is usual, lies in somewhere in the middle. The gloves are good and generally built with quality. They are very well padded, offer excellent wrist support, and are pleasing to look at. All the other patented ‘features’ are mostly, in my opinion, smoke and mirrors. You may find the features do something for you, but I’ve found the gloves are mostly just regular gloves that look good and perform fairly well.

You are NOT getting a top-end premium brand like Winning or Grant, but you do get a quality glove that’s fairly durable. My best recommendation as the best Hayabusa glove is the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis, if you can get it on sale. This glove did in fact, make our Best Boxing Gloves list.

I don’t feel the glove is worth the $130 listing price; but if you keep your eyes open, it is possible to find them on sale, even 40 to 50 percent off. If you can get the loves between 70 to 90 dollars, you are getting a pretty good steal on an excellent glove and one of the best bang-per-buck deals on a glove.