In the world of Muay Thai, the Sports Writers Fighter of the Year award is the most prestigious award given out to the fighter who accomplishes the most that year. This is the Muay Thai equivalent of the MVP award in the NBA or NHL. To win this award, a fighter needs to fight the best competition, and have dominant performances against the best.

When Kulabdam won the 2017 Fighter of the year award, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone. That year he had gone on a massive channel 7 knockout streaks and how some of the most dominant performances ever in the Channel 7. Even the fight he lost against Muangthai at the end of the year, that fight ended up being one of the fights of the year.

Fast forward to the middle of 2018 and Kulabdam looks unstoppable. After knocking out Muangthai in a rematch from the previous month, he faces off against a young 19-year-old fighter named Tawanchay. With Kulabdam’s confidence at an all-time high, he went into his fight with Tawanchay expecting victory. Unfortunately, the fight never went Kulabdam’s way.

After losing the first fight, Kulabdam’s camp demanded a rematch. There was no way there prized fighter who lose against Tawanchay two fights in a row. In fact, they were so confident the bet money on the rematch. And, the next month both fighters fought again, and Tawanchay won again in an extremely close fight.

Now that Kulabdam had lost twice in a row, his camp would put everything on the line. Both camps bet 6 million baht (200k) that their fighter would win the fight. And unfortunately for Kulabdam and his camp, Tawanchay defeated him for the third fight in a row.

How did this happen?

How was the young Tawanchay able to beat the fighter of the year winner Kulabdam three times in a row?

This video breakdown takes a close look at the fight, and talks about some of the strategies that Tawanchay used to survive against the tough knockout artist. While all three fights were close, Tawanchay was able to win all three against one of the best in Thailand.

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