While knee strikes look easy to land, they are actually very difficult. Unlike a kick that has a lot of range, to land, a knee requires you to close the distance against your opponent. In today’s edition of training with champions, Nong-O demonstrates how to land the step forward no.

The knee strike is a Muay Thai technique that requires very good distance and timing for you to land. To land the knee, you need to step into your opponent’s range and then step back after the strike. If you don’t have good timing, your opponent can step back or circle out away from the knee.

When you throw a left knee, you can either take a step forward, or you can do a quick switch step and then throw your strike. Switch knees don’t have as much range, so if your opponent is farther away, you need to take a big step forward when switching your stance.

Taking a big step forward allows you to cover more ground against your opponent, putting you in a better position to land the strike. Try to be as fast as possible and try not to telegraph your intentions. If your opponent knows you are going to throw a knee, it is easier for them to counter the strike.

Knee Technique Demonstration with Nong-O

Things to Consider

The taller you are, the more effective your knee strikes. Tall fighters can utilize long legs to throw piercing knees at a distance, while shorter fighters will be at a disadvantage when throwing knees. This doesn’t mean that short fighters shouldn’t use knees, it simply means that tall fighters just have a natural advantage. When you recognize these advantages, you can take the right steps to counter them.

It is important to understand that you need to have your hands up when you throw a knee. Some fighters get knocked out when they come forward because they don’t have their hands up when they knee. Failing to keep your hands up can result in your walking directly into a counter punch.

Setting up your knee strikes with punches is a great way to keep your opponent honest. This will force your opponent to raise their guard, which can allow you to close the gap and step into your kneeing range. Knee strikes are great techniques that can be utilized to score valuable points and to tire out an opponent. If you land your knee in the right spot, it can have the same effect as a strong body punch.

In Thailand, knee strikes are one of the highest scoring techniques that you can use. If you learn how to use step forward knees effectively, you can rack up points in a very close fight. Usually, when a fight is very close, one or two good knees will sway the judges in your favor.

This is a technique that you should be practicing in sparring and drill with a partner. Learn how to get in the right distance, and you will have no problems landing this technique.

Special thanks to Nong-O for demonstrating how to get into kneeing range. If you want to train with Nong-O, you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation.