One of the most frustrating opponents you can face in Muay Thai is someone who has a good defense. Nothing is worse than throwing well timed kicks and punches at someone who manages to block everything. Fighters who have great reflexes require you to use strategy in order to land techniques against them. Unless you have lightning fast kicks, you need to set up your strikes with fakes.

High level Muay Thai fighters like Nong-O, are used to facing opponents who all have next level defenses. If they want to score points they need to develop offensive strategies that can match the defense of their opponents. This means that they are masters at setting up their strikes with feints to trick their opponents. Besides speed and timing, a good feint can go a long way in scoring points.

In this video Nong-O is showing me how to set up a teep with a right kick fake. This is a technique that works great against someone who is constantly blocking all of your body kicks. When you run into someone who is blocking everything, you need to make them think you will throw one technique and then throw another technique.

Here is the video demonstration of the technique:

Learning to Analyze your Opponent’s Defense

In order to have an effective offense in Muay Thai, you need to learn how to read what your opponent is giving you. If you just throw a strike without seeing how your opponent is defending against your attacks, you are missing out on valuable information that you can use to improve.

Every single strike you throw at your opponent is going to give you detailed information about how that person reacts to you. If your opponent doesn’t block any of your attacks, then your job is pretty easy. Just throw a strike and it will land. Unfortunately, it is a pretty rare site to find guys that don’t block anything, unless they are trying to bait you so they can come forward with heavy punches.

Understanding what your opponent is trying to do against you, can help you better tailor your offense to match their defense.

In a situation where your opponent is blocking everything that you throw at them, you need to understand how to setup your strikes so they can land. This teep setup taught by Nong-O is one of the many effective weapons that you can use against fighters who are blocking kicks.

After throwing the fake kick setup once, you can then transition from the same sequence of a right kick, then followed by a teep, except this time you can fake your teep and then throw another strike. By constantly keeping your opponent on his toes, your offense will be unpredictable and very difficult to defend against.

Special thanks to Nong-O for drilling this technique with me. If you want to learn from Nong-O you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation where they have a whole crop of Muay Thai legends training under one roof.