In this week’s edition of Training with Champions Nong-O demonstrates an inside leg kick combination that is simple and effective. If you want to land this technique you need to have good timing, speed and rhythm or your opponent will likely end up blocking it.

To execute this combination you start off by throwing an inside left low kick at your opponents lead leg, quickly followed by a left body kick with the same leg. The initial left low kick is used to distract your opponent to set up your body kick. Think of this first strike like a jab that you throw before a cross or a body kick. Don’t throw your inside leg kick with power because you want to bring your leg back quickly to throw the second strike.

This is one of the first combinations you will learn in Muay Thai when you train with someone from Thailand. It isn’t a flashy technique, but it is an effective way to land a nice body kick against your next sparring partner.

Here is a demonstration of the technique being used:

Speed is Everything

The key to landing your body kick is to quickly execute the kick right after you throw the first strike. If you don’t throw your kick with speed, it will give your opponent time to reset his defense and block your second strike. By throwing the body kick right away it will give you a better chance of landing the strike.

If you encounter an experienced fighter this combination will be hard to land. A good fighter will be able to reset his defense and block the second body kick if they are in a good defensive position. One thing you can do against someone who is reading your offense is to throw this combination once and let them block it the first time. The second time you throw the combination, fake a body kick and throw a teep instead with the same leg. Nine times out of ten your opponent will take the bait on the body kick fake, allowing you to knock them off balance.

Remember that your rhythm and timing is everything when you are kicking. If you have poor rhythm and bad timing, this technique will not work. Go out and practice this technique until you can execute this move easily.

The more training partners you work with, the better you will get at adapting to your opponent’s style. Remember, if someone is constantly blocking your strikes then you will need to use this as a bait to setup another strike. Baiting your opponent is a great way to ensure that you can get through a tight defense.

If you are a little bit slower and don’t have a lot of speed, this technique may not work great for you. Someone like Muay Thai champion Nong-O has lightning fast kicks and can kick twice in the blink of an eye. Use whatever techniques work for you and forget the ones that don’t.

Thanks to Nong-O for demonstrating this technique. If you want to train with Nong-O you can visit him or a number of other champions at Evolve vacation.