Jackie Muay Thai gym was founded by a famous trainer/fighter named Jackie. Jackie goes by the fighting name Sakmongkol Monsaichon and has over 250 fights and was a Lumpinee and Rajadmanern champion in his prime. He is also a qualified referee and is famous for training some of the top Brazilian fighters like Anderson Silva and Antonio Nogueira.

This is a relatively newer Muay Thai gym that has been opened now for a few years that offers Muay Thai training for those who are interested in learning from Jacky. 



Located on the Island of Samui, Jackie is one of the many Muay Thai gyms you can choose on Koh Samui. This is a gym that is located around a number of bars and restaurants so you have a variety of choices to pick from.

The island of Samui itself is the perfect holiday destination for beach lovers who are looking for a smaller island than Phuket, but still want the convenience of being able to fly to the island. While Koh Samui can be very crowded in the high season, in the low season you can expect it to quiet right down.


The training schedule at Jackie Muay Thai gym is between 8-10 am and 5-7 pm. Between those hours the trainers are available to take private lessons. The prices for training tend to be on the higher side when you compare them to the other gyms on the island. Expect to pay around 8000 baht per month if you are training at this gym.

The training session starts off with warmup of running/skipping rope. Then the students wrap their hand wraps and shadowbox. Next, half of the students are assigned to go to a trainer for pad work and the other half are on the punching bags for 5 rounds. As soon as everybody is finished, the trainers will teach technique and have the more advanced students do sparring or clinching. In the end of the session, they cool down with stretching.


Although, the gym does not offer its own accommodation, but they can help you find cheap accommodation nearby. It would be best to contact the gym at least a couple weeks to a month in advance so they can help you find the cheapest and best place possible.

They also can arrange for you to be picked up by a taxi at the airport. This can also save you from being overcharged by the taxi drivers already at the airport.

Final Thoughts

Jackie Muay Thai is one of the many gyms on Koh Samui that you can choose from. This is a smaller gym that doesn’t have as many students training there, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowds. Before you visit the gym I suggest you contact them via their facebook page or email to see the current training prices etc.

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