In this week’s edition of training with Champions Nong-O from Evolve MMA showcases how to effectively attack the strong side of a Southpaw opponent. By utilizing your right sided weapons against a Southpaw, you can effectively counter them in a fight.

While Southpaw fighters are often feared by people who don’t have experience facing them, the truth is you just have to attack them with right sided weapons, instead of your left weapons.

Since Nong-O is a Southpaw fighter, he wanted to drill some basic strikes that would be effective to counter him in a fight. These techniques are highly effective against Southpaw fighters because they attack the open side of your opponent.

If you haven’t already read my article about how to Counter Southpaw Fighters, I suggest you bookmark that article. That article breaks down everything you need to know about beating Southpaws.

Something I have continually talked about in the past is the importance of drilling your techniques in training. Just because you “know” how to beat a Southpaw fighter, doesn’t mean you will beat them if you don’t train for them.

Experience is the key to learning how to beat any style of fighter. The more experience you gain facing Southpaw fighters, the more you will become comfortable adjusting to their rhythm and patterns that they present.

This video showcases the Right Kick, Right Knee Strike that are effective against Southpaw fighters:

As you can see from this video, we drill the right kick and right knee strikes over and over. Just because I already know how to counter a Southpaw, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t drill it over and over. In fact, there is never enough drilling that you can do when you want to learn a technique.

Drilling is important because it helps create the necessary connections in your brain that will allow you to perform the technique without having to think about it. That is why you notice high level fighters operate off instinct and don’t have to think whenever they throw a strike.

Sparring/Drilling Is Key to Developing

I can’t stress the importance of constantly working on your game in sparring and drilling. The only way you will develop necessary timing to be able to pull off any technique is to go out and get experience against real opponents.

Drills are great for developing your technique and rhythm and sparring is going to develop your timing. Both are excellent because they are going to allow you to improve your Muay Thai game.

Too many people spend countless hours watching stuff online, without spending the necessary time to develop the reflexes necessary to execute any of the drills. You can know how to counter any type of fighter in ‘theory’ but the reality of countering is that you need the skills and reflexes to actual perform the strikes.

That is one of the reasons why self-defense/weekend courses are a complete waste of time. In order to learn how to fight, you have to spend years developing the muscle reflexes to strike and defend. This is why any course taught over a weekend might give you knowledge on what to do, but it will never have any value when it comes to actually pulling something off in a real life situation.

Drilling is an essential part of developing your game and is something that you should implement in your training. Having a good training partner is important because it will help you work with someone to perfect your game.

Special thanks to Nong-O for helping me out with this video. He’s a Southpaw fighter who is extremely technique and has amazing timing.If you want to learn from directly from Nong-O you can train with him over at Evolve Vacation.