Once you develop good Muay Thai fundamentals, one of the best ways to expand your game is to train with different trainers. Every trainer you work with is unique and will offer you different tips and techniques that you can add to your game.

In Thailand, most Muay Thai gyms are known have a specific fighting style that they are good at. A gym like Kaewsamrit is known for heavy hands, Sitmonchai is famous for their low kicks, while other gyms breed clinchers and technical fighters. A gym’s fighting style often comes from the head trainer, who is often the original trainer at the gym.

Once you develop a fighting style, it is important to add more elements to your game. If you only learn how to punch hard, you will be limited when you face opponents who aren’t afraid of your punches.

When you train at gyms with trainers who come from different gyms, it gives you a chance to work with people who have different styles. This is one of the benefits to training in a gym like Evolve MMA. With some many world class trainers, you get to learn from trainers who have come from all different fighting backgrounds.

The following is a short video of a round of pads with Thai Champion Penake

Develop Your Fundamentals First

While working with different trainers is great for your Muay Thai development, beginners should stick to one trainer and learn their fundamentals first, before trying to work with various trainers.

If you try to mix and match trainer when you first start training, you will end up learning different techniques. Since every trainer has a slightly different way of teaching strikes, choose one trainer and work with that trainer until you develop their style of fighting.

Once you have good fundamentals, you can then go about working on adding more elements to your game. Sometimes beginners want to learn everything at once, which ends up hurting their growth because they end up stuffing too much information down.

Special thanks to Evolve MMA for letting me work with their trainers during my last visit to Singapore. If you plan on visiting Singapore, you can check out Evolve Vacation to learn more.