In my latest training with champions episode I get to work with one of my favorite fighters Sam-A. Sam-A has won multiple Lumpinee championship titles and has also won the Thailand Championship belts. He gained worldwide popularity around 6 years ago when he posted this video of himself throwing 50 kicks at lightning speed on the pads.

One of the reasons why Sam-A is so entertaining to watch is because of his speed, power and aggressiveness in the ring. He is a Southpaw fighter he is known for his lightning fast kicks. He is arguably the fastest kicker in the Muay Thai and such an exciting fighter to watch live.

On my last trip to Evolve I was lucky enough to do a 1 on 1 private with Sam-A. In our private we ended up covering a number of things including pads, techniques and sparring at the end.

Even though Sam-A is a beast in the ring, he is a really nice guy when you meet him in person. Working with Sam-A was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Singapore, that also included training with a number of other top champions of the sport.

If you want to see a highlight of some Pad rounds with Sam-A make sure you check out the video below:

Thoughts on Training

Sam-A was a blast to work with. One thing I really appreciated was his willingness to offer tips and correct techniques if he saw they needed to be corrected. While some Thai trainers don’t both making an effort to correct technique, Sam-A was always offered feedback on everything I did throughout.

The flow of the pad rounds was very fluid we were able to work on a number of techniques throughout the session. He was very animated throughout the session and you could tell he really wanted me to improve my technique.

While we worked on a number of things, this video only showcases a condensed version of the padwork. I have some more footage of us working on some other techniques and sparring that I will post later.

If you ever visit Singapore I definitely suggest you consider working with Sam-A. After watching a few highlight videos of his in the ring you will see why he was always one of my favorite fighters to watch.

To learn more about training with Sam-A you can visit Evolve Vacation.