This is a list of some of the best Muay Thai websites and resources that are available online. If you like Muay Thai Pros then you should definitely check out some of these other resources in the niche.

Muay Thai Blogs

Damien Trainor – Damien is a fighter from the UK who was one of the best fighters in the world at his weight division. Damien is an intelligent fighter who used his technique and his brains to win fights. This is Damien’s blog about Muay Thai and some of the things he has learned along the way.

Muay Thai Scholar – Aaron Jahn is the source when it comes to training and fighting in Thailand. He is a bit of a Muay Thai nomad, as he travels from gym to gym and gets his fights directly through the promoters he contacts. When it comes to Muay Thai gyms, training, and fighting in Thailand, Aaron is your go to source. He has a wealth of experience and shares it in his very honest and direct articles.

Muay Farang – Muay Farang is a website that is run by Roberto and his son Mathias who have been living in Thailand for most of their lives. They are from Italy, but they share a lot of great videos and news related to Muay Thai. They also have a new camp called 7 Muay Thai that they opened up near Koh Samet.

8 Limbs – Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu can be a polarizing figure in the sport of Muay Thai. Whether you like her or not, she has a wealth of videos and information about the sport of Muay Thai. She has fought over 100 fights and provides incredible detail in her blog. If you want to read about someones personal journey in the sport, Sylvie is your source.

Muay Thai Guy – Sean Fagan is the most popular Muay Thai resource online with a massive following. Sean is the source when it comes to Muay Thai podcasts. If you ever want to kill a few hours Sean interviews some pretty awesome people, including myself 😉 Sean is the first Muay Thai fighter to openly admit to being a stoner, which is another reason I like him.

MuayTash: This is the personal blog of Muay Thai fighter and trainer Natasha Sky from Australia. She interviews fighters from around the world and absolutely lives for the sport. When it comes to opinions, Tash doesn’t have a filter. She says exactly what she thinks, good or bad, which means you either love her or hate her.

Muay Thai Fights

Muay Ties: Muay Ties is definitely your source for Muay Thai fights. Timo Rouge goes to Lumpinee stadium every week to film live events and post them on Youtube. He has a collection of unreal fights that you should definitely check out.

Muay Thai Magazines

Muay Thaimes “The Soul in the Savagery” – This magazine is dedicated to the sport of Muay Thai and covers the Muay Thai and Kickboxing scene over in America. Bob Reiter is the man behind this site and has been around the scene for many years. If you can get spend the time reading through his articles, the content he produces is very enlightening on the Muay Thai scene in North America.