Rattachai gymsOpening up in 2015, Rattachai is the newest Muay Thai gym in the Chalong area. Located on the street past the famous Soi Tai-ed (Tiger Muay Thai Road), it was founded by another ex Tiger Muay Thai trainer Kru Nai. Similar to Chokchai Muay Thai which was started by another ex Tiger trainer, Rattachai provides an alternative to people who do not want to train at Tiger.
Nai became famous when the story of his sick daughter Tuptim needed a kidney transplant went viral. Dana White ended up paying the bill for his daughter and now his daughter is a stable face at the gym. You can read the full article about this story here.


The gym is located on Soi Jaofa 48 and is a short walk away from the Soi Tai-ed road that features the many restaurants and shops. Soi Jaofa itself is a quieter road that winds around and is great for running before Rattachai gymtraining.

There are not too many businesses or shop located in this area besides a few Thai restaurants, so you will need to walk a few blocks when you want to eat. There is a nice Thai market that is open a few days of the week that is located at the beginning of the road that connects to the main Chao Fa road.


Rattachai Muay Thai follows the same training structure that most Muay Thai camps use in Thailand. This means that if you are fight training you will be running/skipping before training, followed by stretching, shadow boxing, pads, bag work, sparring, conditioning and stretching.

trainingThe group classes are between 8-10 am and 4-6 pm in the evening. If you want to book a private you can do so in between those hours of training.

The prices at Rattachai fall in line with pretty much every other gym you will find on the island. For one month it costs 9,000 baht which gives you access to all the group classes that are available.


Rattachai is partnered up with The One Resort and Naiyai Guest House. Both of these places offer reasonably priced accommodation and are located near the camp. If you talk to the camp you can get a discounted rate when you book your accommodation through these places.

Since Soi Tai-ed is located just around the corner, if you want to stay on a busier street you can stay on the Tiger road and just walk a few blocks to the gym for training. This can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to conveniences and quality training.

Final Thoughts

Rattachai is a gym that features quality trainers who have a lot of experience in Muay Thai. If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to train in the gyms packed with students, Rattachai is something to consider. This gym is relatively new and it seems like they have a steady group of students who train at the gym. They have an active social media page which showcases their fighters and students who are currently at the gym.

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