In last week’s edition of training with Champions we went over a very basic Jab-jab-right low kick combination. This is an effective combination that is used to distract your opponent with a series of jabs, to open his legs for attack. While jab-low kicks are all about timing, sometimes it is hard to land low kicks against opponents who are expecting them.

Today’s combination focuses on adding a few more elements after you throw the jab, to further distract your opponent and open their defense to low kicks. When it comes to throwing any combination, it is important to try to stay relaxed and do it in rhythm. If you just fire off all the sequences of strikes, you will be easy to read and your opponent will block you.

The key to landing low kicks is to focus on timing. As I’ve mentioned in every post I write, you don’t have to do anything fancy, you just need to develop good timing to land your strikes. This combination is a little more advanced, so if you are a beginner I would focus on your basic jab low kick, master that first and then move on to more combinations.

Low Kick Combination: Jab-Jab-Right Body Shot-Left Hook-Right Low Kick

Things to Consider

Whenever it comes to combination, it is important to adapt to your opponent. Working on combinations gives you options, but you can be creative and do whatever is available to you. You should never think rigidly when it comes to what techniques you throw. The best Thai fighters don’t even think about combinations, they just fire off whatever they see available.

If you throw the left hook and notice your opponent is already expecting your right low kick, then step forward with a right punch or even left low kick. By being adaptable and changing up your offense according to your opponent, you will be extremely difficult to counter in the ring.

The best fighters are extremely fluid in their game and don’t have set patterns. If you don’t allow your opponent time to recognize what you are trying to do, it is going to be hard to stop you in the ring.

If you are just starting off it is important to keep it simple. Don’t worry about 3-4 strike combinations, just worry about landing your basic strikes and learning the correct timing to land your strikes.

Combinations are designed to give you patterns to follow, and it is up to you to use those patterns and adjust them to your opponent’s defense. Do you want to have good low kicks? Then practice a lot of low kicks in sparring. Keep on kicking, until you find timing that allows you to land most of your kicks. If you don’t use your weapons, you won’t develop the right timing for those weapons.

Special thanks to Pornsanae for demonstrating this combination. If you want to train with Pornsanae you can visit him over at Evolve Vacation to learn more. Stay tuned for more low kick combinations from Pornsanae.