When you are such a dominant fighter like Saenchai, promoters will do whatever they can to try and even the playing field. Back in 2009, one promoter decided to put Saenchai up against two of the top competitors in his weight class.

For the first 3 rounds Saenchai had to face Petcboonchu (known for his clinching skills) and for the last two rounds he had to face Sagetdao who was a Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium champion. (No he didn’t fight them at the same time)

This fight would test Saenchai’s stamina and ability to last for 5 rounds against two fresh opponents. Both of his opponents were Lumpinee Champions, so this was not an easy fight by any means.

How did the living Muay Thai legend do? Watch the video below to find out.

Thoughts on the Matchup

While there are some definite advantages (stamina/cardio) in a two vs one scenario, there are also some disadvantages. Most Muay Thai fighters take a few rounds to get warmed up in the fight before they start to fire of heavy kicks and punches.

This means that the second fighter in the blue corner (Sagetdao), wouldn’t have a chance to warm up when he faced Saenchai in the fourth round. By the fourth round, Saenchai’s would be loose and already in the zone.

While the idea of a two vs one might seem like an advantage on paper, both of these fighters would have had a better shot at beating Saenchai in a normal one vs one fight. Fighting is all about getting into your zone. Jumping into a fight in the 4th round is only an advantage if your opponent is tired. Unfortunately for the blue side, Saenchai knew how to conserve his energy to make it last the full 5 rounds of the fight.