If you are a fan of highlight reel knockouts, 2014 has produced some of the best knockouts you will ever see. Given the growing popularity of Muay Thai around the world, it is not surprising that we are seeing more quality knockouts then ever before.

In order to showcase some of these fights, I put together a list of some of the best knockouts of 2014. These fights feature the best of the best, showcasing perfectly timed and executed techniques.

Without further ado, lets have a look at the best knockouts of the year.

#10 – The Beautiful Head Kick Finish

Starting off our list of the best knockouts of the year is the fight between Thaksinlek vs Sam-A. This fight showcases two of the best 125lb fighters in the world. These guys are both explosive and known for their speed and quickness. When I watched this fight, I was blown away when I saw the knockout. I did not expect to see one of my favorite fighters lying on the canvas like that. Thaksinlek’s basic punch combination and lighting quick left kick was a thing of beauty. Thanks to Muay Ties for the video.


#9 – Three Times the Charm

This fight between Antoine Pinto vs Michael Corley showcases the effectiveness of the straight elbow right throw an opponent’s guard. Antoine times this elbow perfectly and is able to drop his opponent three times in a row with the same move. This is the perfect weapon against someone who is keeping their guard very tight and blocking side elbows effectively.


#8 – The Knockout out of Nowhere

Our #8 knockout of the year features two top level fighters Pornsanae vs Superlek. Unfortunately for Pornsanae, this was a very tough match up as he was up against one of the best fighters in his weight division. Even though Pornsanae started the fight with aggression and good stamina, he ended up getting caught by this beautiful head kick. Super explosive and well timed kick from Superlek. Watch the whole fight to really appreciate the KO.


#7 – The Baseball Bat Head Kick

Charlie “Boy” Peters is a fighter that has a lot of experience and has fought some top guys around the globe. This head kick demonstrates why you should always keep your hands up in a fight. The sound of the kick is almost like a baseball bat cracking against his opponent’s head. You can hear in the coach in the video yelling “throw the headkick” just as he is about to unload. This is one of those videos that you will watch again and again.

#6 – The Goodnight Punch

This fight between Joe Schilling vs Simon Marcus would have been included on my list of the top 5 Muay Thai fights of 2014, if it wasn’t a Glory kickboxing bout. That being said, this KO victory win by Joe Schilling was extremely impressive over the previously undefeated Simon Marcus. Leading up to the KO, Simon had just been given a penalty, which meant he had to push forward to get a KO. Unfortunately, this left Simon open for Joe’s right hand. If you haven’t seen this entire fight yet, please watch the full thing, it’s awesome!


#5 – The Sweet Connection

Whoever came up with the phrase, “you fight like a girl,” has never been introduced to Muay Thai fighter Caley Reece. In her last fight of 2014, Caley demonstrates why she is one of the best female fighters in the world. That kick was a perfectly placed kick that landed right on Caley’s opponents chin, putting her to sleep instantly. Caley is by far one of the most gifted female athletes that is currently in the fight game.


#4 – The Left Elbow from Hell

Saiyok is an extremely explosive fighter. When he punches and kicks, he puts every ounce of power he has into every technique. This left elbow KO against Chanajon was so hard that I couldn’t believe Chanajon wasn’t asleep on the canvas. That is a testament to Chanajon’s heart and will to continue fighting, even after such a big blow. This is the elbow version of the baseball bat head kick, brutal.


#3 – The Unreal Spinning Elbow

The spinning elbow is a Muay Thai technique that has great risk, but also great reward. This fight between Naijon Tuhtaboey vs Chanajon PKSaenchaiMuayThai showcases how effective a well executed spinning elbow can be in a fight. Even though Naijon was expected to lose this fight, he had other ideas. This is easily one of the best spinning elbow KOs you will ever see. Watch and Enjoy.


#2 – The Smooth Criminal

Taking our #2 spot on this list is the legendary Saenchai. In this fight Saenchai put on a Muay Thai clinc against Ghilas Barache to get the second best KO of the year. Only a fighter like Saenchai would be able to pull off a knockout as smooth as this one. Saenchai is so relaxed when he fights, he catches his opponent off guard with his speed. Fight after fight Saenchai continues to showcase why he is one of the best fighters of all time. #legend


#1 – The Knockout of the Year

This spinning kick looks like it was scripted from one of those cheesy Karate movies that used to play in the 90s. Even though this is a Taekwondo technique, it definitely deserves to be recognized as the best knockout of the year. You couldn’t script a better knockout if you wanted to. For those of you who want to try and pull this move off in your next fight, good luck with that.

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