Anytime a Muay Thai fight is being talked about as one of the best fights of the year, you know that this is a fight that you don’t want to miss. This fight features two young Thai fighters who showcased what Muay Thai is all about. The heart and strength shown by both fighters throughout the fight is very impressive. Fights like this remind me why I fell in love with Muay Thai many years ago.

Fight Video:

Thai Paranchai (red) vs Sakaengarm Jitmuangnon (blue)

Thanks to Muaythaifocus for uploading the fight.

Thoughts on the Fight

Both of these fighters put everything on the line in this all out war. One thing that impressed me the most about this fight is how good their overall endurance and cardio was. If you look at the volume and pace of the fight, most fighters would have been completely finished by the end of the second round. There is a reason why most fighters like to pace themselves in the early rounds of the fight.

One of the reasons I like watching smaller Thais fight is they don’t possess the same knockout power that larger heavyweights have. This means that there is much more back and forth action that is involved in the fights. Usually the fighter who can push harder in the fight will win if their skill set is similar.

This is definitely a fight that should be in the conversation for fight of the year. We’ll have to wait and see what other great fights the year brings, but this year is definitely off to a great start.