When you think of the top 10 Pound-for-Pound Muay Thai fighters (Non-Thai) who comes to mind? Obviously the answer will probably depend on where you come from. If you are living in North America you will probably include the top North American fighters on your list, conversely, if you are in Australia, you will probably be familiar with all the Australian studs.

Anytime you are ranking fighters based on their record and experience it will always come down to someone’s opinion. This means that you might not agree with everyone who has been placed on this list, and that’s fine. Rankings are inherently designed to be a bit controversial. Given the fact that Muay Thai doesn’t have an elite organization like the UFC that draws in all the top talent under one name, it’s a lot harder to rank fighters given they all fight different promotions and different level opponents.

One thing I should mention is that this is a list of the top Muay Thai fighters. This means that your favorite K-1 fighters are not going to be listed here. The only exception to this rule is Nathan Corbett because he has had an extensive Muay Thai career. So please don’t ask why you don’t see Giorgio Petrosyan on this list.

You are probably wondering why I didn’t include Thai’s in the rankings? Well, the honest answer is that they would take up all 10 spots on the list, so I didn’t include them.

This is a list of the CURRENT top 10 fighters. Obviously in a couple months the rankings could change, especially the number #1 position. The rankings try to take into account how active a fighter is in fighting top talent. Every single fighter represented on this list deserves a spot on the top 10 pound-for-pound rankings.

#10: Nathan Corbett

nathan-corbettAnyone who is a fan of the Australian Muay Thai scene will appreciate what Nathan Corbett has accomplished in the sport. Accumulating an impressive record of 59-4-1, Nathan has earned his stripes in the sport of Muay Thai. Over the past decade Nathan only lost 4 times, which is impressive considering he faces heavy hitters in every fight. With 44 of his 59 wins ending in a KO, Nathan likes to end his fights before the judges can decide the outcome. Look for Nathan in the big 4 man Glory tournament that features some of the top Kick Boxers in the world. The only reason why he isn’t ranked higher on the list is because he hasn’t faced the same level of competition as some of the other guys listed below.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#9: Artem Levin

Artem LevinRussian fighter Artem Valeryevich Levin is one of the top light heavyweight Muay Thai fighters today. With an impressive record of 80-6-1, Artem has fought and beaten some of the top guys in the world. Artem has shown consistently over the years that he deserves to be in the top 10 rankings. He is the current captain of the Russian National Muay Thai team and has won dozens of titles throughout his career. Artem is scheduled to fight a rematch with Simon Marcus in Monte Carlo and his looking to revenge his loss.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#8: Damien Alamos

Photo Courtsey of Damien Almos Officieal

This French superstar is very familiar to people who follow the fight scene in Thailand. Damien became the second foreigner to ever win a Lumpinee title and the first foreigner to successfully defend the belt. He has been living and training in Thailand since he was an early teen and it has paid off. Growing up under the tutelage of his uncle, Damien has grown into one of the top Muay Thai fighters in the world. A recent knock against Damien was his withdrawal in a fight against Liam Harrison that was scheduled in the UK. He stated that he had an injury, but the promoter was not happy with the poor communication given from Damien’s camp regarding the withdrawal. This is unfortunate because that was a fight that I was looking forward to seeing. Look out for more big things from Damien in 2014 has he continues to grow his career.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#7: Liam Harrison


Liam Harrison profileLiam “The Hitman” Harrison is one of the top fighters from the UK. He has continuously fought some of the toughest competition including most of the top Thai fighters from Thailand. Most of Liam’s losses have come against some of the top Thai fighters in the world including Sagetdao and Saenchai. He is one of the best low kickers in the world which he demonstrated in this fight against Andrei Kulebin in 2012. With an impressive record of 74-17-2, Liam has been a very active fighter over the past decade. Even though he has accumulated 93 total fights, Liam is only 28 years of age and still is very active in the sport.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#6: John Wayne Parr

JWPAlthough some people might argue that John Wayne Parr is past his prime (Turning 38 this year), I still think he’s one of the best fighters today. JWP isn’t considered to be the most technical fighter in the sport, but he puts on exciting fights every time he steps into the ring. He was not given the nickname “The Gunslinger” for no reason. JWP has a background in professional boxing and is extremely gifted with his hands. He is a fighter who wears his heart on his sleeve and will always go all when he fights. If you are a fan of JWP then you are probably wondering why he isn’t number #1 on the list.

A couple years ago I would have ranked JWP at number #1, but he hasn’t been consistently fighting the top guys in the past few years. You can’t blame him now that he’s a promoter for his new promotion “Caged Muay Thai.”

Having fought legends such as Buakaw and Yodsanklai, John Wayne Parr has shown he can fight the best. With over 100+ fights under his belt, JWP is a living legend in the sport and will deserve a place in the hall of fame when he retires. I am looking forward to seeing him fight top Australian fighter Toby Smith in a bout that will showcase a living legend against a rising star in the sport.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#5: Jordan Watson

Jordan WatsonAnother impressive fighter from the UK is Jordan Watson. A teammate of Liam Harrison, Jordan is another standout fighter who hails from Bad Company in Leeds. Having turned professional in 2004, Jordan has been fighting for over a decade in the sport and has fought some of the best fighters in the world. Jordan has won over 8 titles in his amateur and professional career. Most of Jordan’s losses have come against the top Thai fighters in the world included guys like Sittichai Sitsongpeenong, Aikpracha, and Saiyok. Jordan has maintained his status as one of the best fighters in the world and shows no sign of slowing down. Expect to see more good things from this fighter in the future.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#4: Yossef Boughanem

Youssef BoughanemMost people reading this list probably haven’t heard of the name Yossef Boughanem before, unless you follow the fight scene in Thailand. Yossef is a Belgian Muay Thai fighter that has been living, training and fighting in Thailand for the past 7 years – fighting and beating some of the top Thai’s in the sport.

Yossef has fully integrated his fighting style to become Thai style. Yossef has fought the top guys in the sport like Buakaw, Aikpracha, Fabio Pinca, and Diesellek just to name a few of the stars. He has over a 100+ Muay Thai fights – many of which were against top level Thai fighters in Thailand. He recently competed in the Thai Fight Kard Chuek event and lost to Saiyok in the semi finals in a close match on points. Look out for Yossef as he continues to make a name for himself both internationally and in Thailand.

Although Yossef has the skills and talent to win a major stadium belt, he will never be in a position to fight for a title. In a previous interview Yossef stated that he would never fight for a Lumpinee title because he cannot afford to sign a contract with a Lumpinee promoter. He went on to say that when you sign a contract with the top promoters in Lumpinee they will take between 50-80% of your fight purse over your career – something Yossef can not afford to give up because he supports his family.

Later in the interview Yossef stated that in Muay Thai you have to choose between “Glory” and “Money.” If you choose “Glory” you will sign a contract with the big promoters and they will give you title fights and put you on big shows, but they will keep most of the money. If you choose “Money,” you will never fight for titles, even though you might be good enough, but you will not give away 50-80% of your winnings.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#3: Simon Marcus

Simon-MarcusSince his arrival in the Muay Thai scene, Canadian Simon Marcus has been cleaning up competition in his weight division. Having fought all of the top guys including Artem Levin and American standout Joe Schilling, Marcus has proven time after time that he is the top in his division. Simon has had the privilege of training under Ajarn Suchart Yodkerepaupralin, a Thai who was a high level champion before starting a gym in the city of Toronto. Simon Marcus has yet to be defeated in the ring – only having a draw once in his career. The only reason he is not higher on the rankings is the fact that most of the heavier weight divisions are not nearly as competitive as the lighter weight classes. Simon’s next fight is a scheduled rematch with Artem Levin that is happening in Monte Carlo in June 2014.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#2: Fabio Pinca

Fabio PincaThis French Muay Thai star is considered by many to be the most technical (Non-Thai) Muay Thai fighter today. Fabio has been fighting since 2003 when he was in the amateur circuit in France. He has fought and beaten some of the top Talent in the sport including stars like Saenchai and Diesellek. With over 116 fights in his Muay Thai career including 91 wins, Fabio has no shortage of experience in the sport. Anytime you want to watch a high level foreigner fight against Thai’s, make sure you watch Fabio’s fights. He is definitely one of the top stars in the sport today.

Check out his highlight video HERE

#1: Victor Nagbe

Victor NagbeMost people will consider this #1 pick to be controversial and that’s fine. However, if you look at Victor’s recent resume you will see why he’s the top guy right now. Remember that this is the current top 10 pound-for-pound rankings, not a list of the all time greatest fighters (otherwise it would be completely different). If you don’t know who Victor Nagbe then you should check out some of his fights on youtube. At only 19 years (20 this year) of age Victor Nagbe as risen rapidly to stardom. He recently KO’ed Muay Thai superstar Kem Sitsongpeenong in late March in an event held in Hong Kong – for those of you who haven’t seen the fight check it out HERE. Victor also won the Max Muay Thai 4 man tournament last year when he beat Fabio Pinca in the finals. He is truly an impressive fighter is in the top of the Muay Thai game right now. His next fight is against Thai superstar Buakaw, which will be extremely entertaining to watch.

Check out his highlight video HERE

Honorable mention

Andrei Kulebin

Andrei “Bullet” Kulebin is a Belarusian fighter who has been an 18 time Muay Thai and kickboxing world champion both in the amateur and professional circuit. Andrei is considered by many to be one of the top pound for pound fighters outside of Thailand. With over 180 fights in his amateur and professional career, Andrei has some of the most experience for a foreigner outside of Thailand. Andrei is constantly fighting some of the top Thai’s in the sport and only has a couple losses to foreigners including Liam Harrison. Andrei is definitely someone who deserves a spot on this list for his consistency for fighting top guys in the sport.

Toby Smith

Anyone who follows the Australian Muay Thai scene will know who Toby Smith is. He is a young stud that has been making a name for himself in Thailand and Australia. He has fought and beat some of the top level talent in Thailand and is scheduled to fight John Wayne Parr in June 2014. Toby is a young fighter that many consider to be one of the best in Australia. He recently fought Muay Thai superstar Kem Sitsongpeenong last year and lost due to an elbow cut. Toby is a strong young fighter that is definitely going to be the top in the sport. Look forward for more big fights from Toby in the coming years. He’ll definitely find a place in the top 10 in the near future.

Vitaly Gurkov

Another stand out Belarusian that deserves to be mentioned is Vitaly Gurkov. He is an impressive fighter who has competed since he was a teenager in early 2000s. He has an extensive amateur career that includes a number of world titles and championships. Having fought supers stars of the sport including Buakaw, Kem, and k-1 fighter Giorgio Petrosyan, Vitaly has no shortage of experience. With a kickboxing record of 92 wins and only 13 losses, Vitaly is a fighter that knows how to win.

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