One of the key skills in Muay Thai is learning how to control the distance against your opponent. Two of the best techniques you can use to control the distance in a fight is the jab and the teep. Both techniques are offensive and defensive strikes that can disrupt your opponent when they are in rhythm.

While these techniques are not knockout strikes, they allow you to push your opponent back and prevent them from moving forward. Because both attacks come from your front side, they are also known as your front sided weapons.

The advantage of attacking with front sided weapons is that you are in a good defensive position after the attack. Both techniques can be thrown relatively safely if you snap back the strikes quickly.

In the video below, Pornsanae demonstrates the importance of utilizing feints to land your front sided weapons on your opponent.

Using Feints to Find Openings

When you face an opponent, who has a good defense, feints can help you find openings to land your shots. If you don’t throw any feints, you will find that your opponent will block or parry most of your attacks. These are techniques that require practice and timing to develop.

If you are a beginner do not worry about trying to use any feints in sparring. Just focus on your basics and try to land your strikes effectively. These are techniques that you can add to your game later down the road once you are comfortable with your basic weapons and timing.

Fighters who learn how to throw feints effectively, can add more elements to their game. This can help you create an offense that is unpredictable and difficult to defend against.

To practice your feints, start off in front of the mirror and throw the full strike first, then throw the feint right after. A good feint will have the same setup as the real strike, but stop short of executing the strike. Practicing in front of the mirror can see how your feint looks, allowing you to make real time corrections when you are practicing it.

After you practice your feints in front of the mirror you can continue to try and drill it when you are hitting the heavy bag and working on pads. The more you practice your feints, the more natural they will feel when you use them.

Special thanks to Pornsanae for demonstrating this technique. If you want to learn how to train with Pornsanae, you can visit Evolve Vacation to learn more.