Yodyut is a Muay Thai gym that was founded by SON, an ex fighter who has fought in over 250 fights. SON has been a trainer at a number of gyms around Thailand and also trained people in Ireland, Sweden, Scotland and Hong Kong. He is a trainer that likes to focus on building good technique into his students and has a great reputation among people who have worked with him. 

Along with SON, Yodyut has a handful of good trainers who have experience training in other gyms around Thailand.This gym has an excellent reputation in Koh Samui as a great gym to build your technique and work with highly skilled trainers. 

The gym itself is a clean, open, spacious area and is matted all around. It has 2 full sized rings and plenty of punching bags for students to work with.  


Son is the owner of Yodyut

Son is the owner of Yodyut

Yodyut Muay Thai is located right on Choengmon Beach and only 6 minutes away from the Samui Airport. There are also lots of bars and restaurants close-by. If you do not feel like looking around for places to eat they have a restaurant at the camp that serves Thai food. They also have an onsite shop if you are in need of new Muay Thai gear.

As with the other gyms located on Koh Samui, if you want to live on an island that has all the luxuries you would find in a city Koh Samui is a good option. While Phuket is massive and has a lot of traffic, you won’t get caught up in as many traffic jams when you stay on the island of Koh Samui.

If you need some transportation to get to places rather than walking everywhere or getting a taxi, the gym has motorbike rental for 150-200 baht per day. I only suggest you rent a motorbike unless you know how to drive one. I’ve seen to many people in Thailand get injured driving motorbikes around. 


Yodyut gym

Yodyut follows the typical training session that most gyms in Thailand use.

Every training session starts off with a simple warm up of skipping rope and running. Afterwards, everyone puts on their hand wraps and begins to do some shadowboxing before it is time for pad work with the trainers. There is a rotation of people on bags and pads for 5 rounds and then they switch. When everyone is finished with both the trainers teach technique and have students do boxing or Muay Thai sparring. Towards the end of training they do strength and conditioning exercises.

Yodyut also offers private lessons for 1 hour to any of those wanting to learn more or to improve a certain skill. Their availability is any day of the week between the hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm. If you would like a later time after 7:00pm, that can also be arranged. Be sure to book your private lessons at least 24 hours in advance!


Yodyut offers a few options for on site accommodation with rooms that can either be shared or private. These rooms come with complimentary wifi access and all have a fridge inside of them. If you don’t want to stay in a Thai style place you can book your accommodation in nearby hotel.

Koh Samui has a lot of options to choose from and you can get pretty cheap long term rates if you book in advance. If you happen to be there in high season there are not many options when it comes to finding accommodation.

Final Thoughts

Yodyut is a quality Muay Thai gym that has a good reputation in Koh Samui. I have heard good things about the gym and know a few of the trainers there. This is one of the better options that you can choose in Koh Samui and I highly recommend you check it out if you visit.

The benefit of Koh Samui is there are a lot of gyms around the area, so you can try out a class and see if you like it. Always try a class or two before you purchase your classes long term. If you want to work on your technique then this is a good gym to consider.

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