If you do a quick search for the different Muay Thai gloves one brand that is guaranteed to stand out is Yokkao.

Yokkao boxing gloves have been around for the past 6 years and when the company started sponsoring some of the best Thai fighters in the world.

With a combination of the Yokkao shows, the Yokkao sponsored fighters, and the creation of several Yokkao branded gyms, Yokkao has quickly grown their brand — and popularity — over the years.

What differentiates the Yokkao gloves apart from the other Thai Muay Thai brands is the Yokkao style. You’ll see this style in their gloves, Muay Thai shorts, and pretty much every single piece of gear. No other Thai-brand quite as the same design aesthetic.

The Yokkao gloves, for example, come in all kinds of flashy colorful designs, fabrics, and color combinations.

While I personally find most of these design choices quite questionable (flashy, over-the-top styling is not to my personal taste), there is not denying that they offer a huge variety in terms of selection.

It’s no surprise the owner of the Yokkao brand is an Italian designer — that aesthetic and attention to detail is visible in the gear.

Probably the biggest thing that Yokkao has going for it right now is the connections they have with Saenchai and a lot of the big name fighters in Thailand.

Yokkao sponsors a lot of fighters to ensure that the average person sees the well known top Thai fighters training with Yokkao products on. Saenchai and Baukaw, for example, often wear sponsored Yokkao gear.

You can’t miss a highlight video of someone training, without catching a glimpse of Yokkao being branded somewhere in the background.

Yokkao Glove Types

Yokkao produces 4 different types of gloves that you can choose from. These four gloves include the Yokkao Velcro, Lace-up, Bag gloves and MMA gloves.

For the purposes of this review, we will be talking about the Yokkao Velcro Muay Thai glove because that is the glove you are most likely to purchase. While the styles, materials and colors change from glove to glove, the base design of the glove is the same.

Yokkao was one of my recent Muay Thai glove purchases. I literally had to take a taxi for 1 hour out of Bangkok to find the Yokkao factory, just to get my hands on a pair of Yokkao gloves to review.

It turns out there is a Yokkao shop and gym right in the center of Bangkok that I did not know about — so much for my research skills. However, I got to look at their factory, which was pretty cool.

I ended up buying their more premium glove — a velcro leather with a fancy design. The cheaper Yokkao gloves are made from synthetic leather and have less ‘stylings’ on the glove.

Anyways, on to the review.

In order to determine the overall value of Yokkao gloves, we have to look at a few factors that will help give the overall rating. These factors are: price, fit/comfort, design, and quality


The first thing you probably noticed when you looked up Yokkao gloves is they are priced at a premium when you compare them to other gloves on the market. The basic leather Yokkao gloves start off around $72 without shipping. This is around a $10 premium on most of the other quality brands that sell Muay Thai equipment.

You can get cheaper Yokkao gloves — the synthetic leather gloves — but why bother? If you are going to buy a Thai glove, you want a leather one.

I assume one of the reasons for the higher price point is that Yokkao wants to keep their prices consistent around the world.

So if you buy Yokkao at a shop in your home country, you won’t be charged double the price as if you purchase them in Thailand. If you go in store to buy a pair of Yokkao gloves you can expect to pay the same price as online.

The $72 price point is for the basic 10 oz gloves. If you want to order a heavier-sized glove you will pay more according to the weight of the glove. For example, the 12 oz gloves cost $2 more and the 16 oz gloves cost $6 extra.

While Yokkao does offer a “Basic” Glove that is priced at $50, the Basic model glove is made from lower quality materials and not from real leather.

I looked at these and even tried a few on while at the Yokkao factory and decided I did NOT want the basic model due to the synthetic leather — it just didn’t look or feel as good as the leather version.

If you are going to go through the effort of buying Yokkao gloves, you might as well order one that has real leather and gives you the best fit.

If you want to order a fancier glove design the glove will cost you starting at $80-90 depending on the colors and stitching of the gloves. Most people opt to go with the more basic versions, but if style and color

Most people opt to go with the more basic versions, but if style and color is your thing (and if you are buying Yokkao, then it probably should be the most important thing as it’s what differentiates the brand from the other Thai ones) then, by all means, go for something flashy.

The biggest knock against Yokkao is the high price compared to other brands. They price their gloves higher because you are paying for their design and colors. The materials are exactly the same that are used in every other brand in Thailand, so you are paying a premium for the colors and design.

Fit/Comfort of the Glove

Yokkao gloves fit reasonably well. They have the typical Muay Thai glove feel that you get when you put on a pair of Twins gloves. The provide a good cushion when you hit the bag and provide a decent amount of wrist support as well.

I would honestly say that Yokkao fits pretty standard when compared to other Muay Thai gloves out there. This is not a knock on Yokkao, but they didn’t create a revolutionary glove by any standard (not that they should have.) If you like Twins or Windy gloves, you will probably enjoy wearing the Yokkao gloves.

Obviously, fit and comfort also come down to hand size. My hands are average in size, so I wouldn’t be a good person to judge if these are good gloves for someone who has largest hands.


The design is where Yokkao really stands out among the rest of the Muay Thai manufacturers. You can really tell that the owner and CEO of the company was a fashion model and is into the design. Some of the colors and styles are truly one of a kind (not always in a good way).

Maybe because I’m a traditionalist, but I really don’t like their design. I find the colors too much and they rarely stick to a basic color scheme with their products. While you could argue Yokkao’s design sets them apart, I would argue that they often do too much on their products.

Now I’m not a designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve always learned that Less is More when it comes to design. Unfortunately, the Yokkao designers never really got the memo and come up with some of the most unique (ugliest) designs you will come across. While other brands like Fairtex have nice simple elegant designs, Yokkao tries to do too much in this department and falls short.

Don’t get me wrong, the basic colored Yokkao gloves are nice and simple. However, when you move on towards some of their fancier styles I really wouldn’t be caught wearing a pair of them. That being said, if you happen to like their designs and styles there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Quality/Materials Used

There are two types of materials that are used in Yokkao gloves: Synthetic leather and real leather. If you purchase synthetic leather gloves they will cost you as little as $50. The real leather gloves will start off at $72 and go up from there depending on the style of the gloves.

As I mentioned before, don’t mess around with the synthetic leather gloves. There is a big difference between genuine leather gloves and the fake stuff. Don’t get tricked into thinking that you are getting quality gloves when you buy the fake stuff. It really does feel different and I would invest the extra $22 to get a real pair.

The foam padding used in the gloves is pretty much the standard stuff that you find used by all of the glove manufacturers. This will provide you with enough protection around your knuckles when you are hitting the heavy bag or hitting pads.

When it comes to quality, Yokkao gloves can stand up against the other major Thai brands. They are all handmade gloves that are manufactured with premium leather, quality velcro and double stitching along the gloves. While you can order a few cheaper gloves that are made with cheap materials, they offer premium gloves that offer the best quality found.

Yokkao can match the same level of quality found in Top King, Twins and Fairtex gloves. This is one aspect that they do well in.

I have to say, the Yokkao glove I bought feels pretty money. It looks pretty good and it feels snug. I can’t say it outperforms Fairtex, Raja, or Boon, but I do prefer the leather Yokkao gloves over Top King, Sandee, and Windy.


Where to Buy Yokkao Gloves

If you are visiting Bangkok you can visit the Yokkao training center in Bangkok and purchase your equipment there. You have a limited amount of options depending on what they have in stock at the time. The store is a decent size and you’ll be able to get all the equipment that you need there.

If you aren’t in Bangkok you can look up some of the Yokkao training centers/stores around the world. They have locations in Malaysia, Australian and other countries around the world. You can walk into one of these places and find a pair of gloves that will fit you the best.

Yokkao Boxing Gym Location

Don’t do what I did and take an hour taxi out of bangkok to find the factory / store. There is on located right close to Lumpinee park in Bangkok — a very central location. There’s a huge gear selection right there to buy.

Alternatively, Yokkao.com offers huge selection of styles, colors, and sizes that are all made to order. You can visit their website to see the full range of products that they offer.

Most of the items are all made-to-order items which means that you pay for the item and then they make it for you. This helps them keep their inventory lower so they don’t have access stock all over the place.

But it means you’ll have to wait.

If you order pre-order items it will take anywhere between 5-21 business days until it is shipped to you. Yokkao uses DHL express shipping which is roughly around $25 USD for shipping on most of the items you will order. The extra shipping cost makes it more affordable to try and pick it up in store if you can.

For those of you who are impatient and want your gloves instantly, you can look on ebay.com and order gloves from a seller in your own country. This will save you shipping costs, but they usually charge a premium on ebay, so don’t think you are going to get a deal there — not if you buy new ones on ebay.

The  Gloves in Use

I’m a bit too lazy at this point to write one of the full breakdowns of how they performed in training. As stated, I own ONE pair of premium (leather) Yokkao gloves that I bought specifically so I could give a good hands-on review.

Over the years, I’ve owned pretty much all the Thai brands of gloves, EXCEPT Yokkao gloves. I finally made a big push to buy some when I was in BKK around the end of 2016. The problem is that it’s not easy to buy Yokkao gloves in Phuket — none of the local shops have them and you pay more if you order online vs picking the gloves up in person while in Thailand.

Long story short, after great effort, I did at lasts buy a pair.

Here are some images of the Yokkao factory outside of Bangkok that I visited, and the actual pair of boxing gloves I bought there:

I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest. I’ve felt that Yokkao are generally overpriced and mostly get by on their marketing (i.e. paying Saenchai and Baukaw to wear the Yokkao shirts, shorts, and gloves).

However, I was impressed with the look and feel of the gloves. The owner is Italian and I met the wife (or daughter — I wasn’t sure).

The gloves and a nice polished leather and the logo has a gold colored trimming and a fancy rubbery logo (first time I’ve had a rubberly plastic logo as the patch around the wrist).

The glove does look good and it’s flashy. If you are in a gym, your gloves WILL stand out.

In use, the fit is nice and snug. They feel good when you put them on and they are comfortable. To remind me a bit of the Top King fit — the glove padding has that airated feel.

Overall, they are pretty good. They win in the looks department and how they feel on your hand. Performance wise, I do prefer Raja, Fairtex, and Boon when hitting pads or the bag — but that’s just my preference. I find those gloves have better feedback on the bag.

Still, these are good gloves overall. I’ve heard Yokkao gloves don’t last, but since I haven’t had these too long, I can’t say how their durability is just yet. I’ll have to update this review in a year.

Final Word

If you want to buy Muay Thai gloves that are going to show off your creative side, Yokkao gloves are going to be your choice. You can tell this entire company was created by a fashion model who cares about design. From the print to the stitching, Yokkao is all about fancy colors and patterns that are unique to them.

With their huge list of big name fighters behind their brand, Yokkao has their marketing down. If you are a famous fighter in the world of Muay Thai, you are probably sponsored by Yokkao. With the expansion of their Yokkao training centers around the world in addition to their fight shops, Yokkao has truly become a global brand.

If you are someone who is looking for a quality glove at a good price, I would suggest you look at other brands out there. Twins, Top King or even Boon both offer better value for your money, with comparable comfort and fit. I don’t really think you can justify paying a higher price for gloves that are made from the exact same quality.

People who already like the Yokkao styles and don’t care about price will be happy with Yokkao.

However, most people are probably going to want to stick with their favorite brand of Twins, Top King or Fairtex if they already like the fit of their gloves.